12.10.11 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

HSBC Arena with Tono

I Was There
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Vanessa da Mata sat in on "Boa Sorte." First four songs in encore performed solo acoustic.

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100002717667167@facebook's picture

It was amazing! I was at the first line, right in front of THE man, and it was incredible! I want more! It was not enough!
Thanks, Ben!

rosiqagarcia's picture

Magic is the word to describe this show! Perfect night.
And as I said Gustavo, great sound and musicians.
Don't take as long to return to Rio.
We await you soon, Ben!
Many kisses and thanks for a wonderful night!

539420332@facebook's picture

What a magic night!! Great P.A sound, great musicians. Amazing concert...Best show of the year! Keep on rockin,Ben!

100002717667167@facebook's picture


100000306931880@facebook's picture

This is gonna be sick, can't wait <3

innocent's picture

Thanks Marcia !!! , Amen Omen is one of my favorite too ,this song played live have so much feeling, amazing song .

I've made a research of last songs they played live on 2011 , and i will include on this setlist the cover of neil young OHIO (rock version with band) so rocks dude !!!!

OH!! sorry i forgot "e" in fly one time on setlist of my dreams , OH!!! and Marcia , Ben played Amen Omen in 2007 with IC here in RJ , sorry about that too HAHAHAHA!!! , but i expect he plays again with R7 , for your happiness .

Bye .


aoleite's picture

Wow! Ohio would be f****ing amazong man! And Keep it togheter too. Pls play those songs at Sao Paulo someday. And never forget the All the Jah Work.
Are you coming back soon? Many Thanks.

marcia.maga45377's picture

Hi Innocent,
Did you go to the show? For me it was magic!!!! I could stay exactly in front of Ben (first line!!!) and could feel the sound of every instrument at the stage (mainly the various and exotic guitars Ben played) and the movement/communication between the musicians. The only bad thing was that he didn't play Amen Omen and neither Please Bleed and I don't know if or when I'll have the opportunity to see him playing again. Five more years to come to Rio? Hope not.

innocent's picture

Almost five years to see again Ben Harper in Rio de Janeiro, and now with Relentless7, an amazing band too, I have hope that Ben and Relentless7 play for the true fans again, I would like and would be a dream to see these songs on the setlist :

From the new album (Give Till It's Gone) :

Dirty Little Lover
Waiting On a Sign
Don't Give Up on me Now
Rock N' Roll is Free
Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn
Do It for You Do it For Us ( I waiting too much for this song , I think this song not played yet live)

From The First Album (White Lies for Dark Times ) :

Number with no Name
Lay There and Hate Me
Up to you Now
Boots Like These
Fly On Time
Kepp It Together

New Song : Better Than I Deserve (Amazing Song)

From cd/dvd Montreal Jazz Festival :

Faster Slower Disappear Come Around
Under Pressure

Innocent Criminals Songs:
The Woman in You
The Will to Live
Better Way (again)
Burn To Shine(again)
Diamonds On The inside (again)
Where Could I Go (acapella) (again)
Ground On Down(again)
Amen Omen(Again)

*again , because he played in 2007 these songs

Thanks .

100001050152328@facebook's picture

All We Need is "Feel Love"!!!! Pleaseee!!!

marcia.maga45377's picture

This setlist is perfect!!!!! I would only include Please Bleed (acapella, like in Live from Mars), but if he plays Amen Omen for me is ok (is my favorite!!!!). This will be the first time I'll go to his show and I'm sure it will be a very special night.

100001050152328@facebook's picture

i love amen omen too! ;)

Thais D's picture

I can't wait it will be awesome!!!

Vitor_rage's picture

This is great! Ben Harper is the best!

FURRUPA's picture

Wait for the sun...Ben Harper...

Marcos Martins's picture

Can't wait to see big Ben Harper playing live again!
Fucking come on!

innocent's picture

That's for sure