06.30.12 Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Bowl with Fitz and the Tantrums

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Ben Harper Setlist 2012-06-30 - Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA


Full band performance except Ben on Weissenborn accompanied by Jessy Greene on violin for "All My Heart Can Take", Ben solo Weissenborn for "Mutt" > "Lifeline", solo acoustic for "Walk Away", and a duet with surprise guest Jack Johnson on "High Tide or Low Tide." Jessy Green (violin) and Tim Loo (cello) accompanied on "Morning Yearning" and "Amen Omen." Surprise guest Natalie Maines sang lead vocals on Pink Floyd's "Mother" and "Vein in Vain." "Glory & Consequence" included a verse and chorus from Pearl Jam's "Jeremy."

Who Went

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great show (this venue is one of the best to see BH at)...great guests and an epic mix of old and new and (it seems) a good fluid jam flow...kept thinking that some of the killer staples were still coming, but the bowl has the 10:00 cutoff...damn!...no matter, highlight might have been ben doing an a capella seg that had to have chills up and down everyone with a soul's spine...thanks.

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Thank You Ben!!!

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I was so hyped to see Ben back to his old self and play his acoustic greats. Then I walked in to GM at the Santa Barbara Bowl and there was the drumset. He had one of the Dixie chicks singing 2 songs (BORRRRING), then he played some songs from whatever. The band that was with him was soo effin bad, and the old songs he picked to play were songs you didnt want to hear. FYI, I am NOT a hater, I have been a fan of Ben Harper since BEFORE his first album and have seen him alll over the country for manny years. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals was one of the best bands EVER, and its a shame we will never here that side of Ben EVER AGAIN..

Chuy's picture

Dude youre tripping. Ben came out with the band as always had been planned. He did a fantastic job tonight. Just because he didnt sing Burn One Down or Steal My Kisses - He did however sing Suzie Blue, Walk Away, Another Lonely Day plus Where could I go with no mic he threw in Jeremy by Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson showed up to join in on Hightide Lowtide and Natalie Maines sang Mother by Pink Floyd. I dont know what you expected but you missed a great show

mountainsun1's picture

You are right. This show was amazing, when an artist of Ben's caliber professes the SB Bowl as his favorite place to play, they deliver the goods. I thought the show was inspired, emotional and well crafted. Everyone around us was fully engaged with the music and performance Ben laid down. I can only speak for myself but I enjoyed all of the guest appearances including Natalie Maines, Jack Johnson and the other string musicians. Ben always pulls out the stops in SB and creates memorable moments, other guests in the past included his mom, Damien Marley and Kelly Slater. I think Ben is doing acoustic tour this fall probably more suited for the above mentioned posting. This show was epic and I can't wait for the next time he plays the SB Bowl!!!

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Loved the show!! Great set and cool surprises !!

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Interested in the pit Tix. Levyidea@aol.com

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anyone need a single ga pit? i have a wedding to go to so i won't be able to make it. just asking what i paid for it. $52 with fees.

TechLegends's picture

Ben Harper concerts sell out with the quickness in Santa Barbara. I wanted 4 tickets total. 2 in pit (GA) and 2 in assigned seating. The instant the presale started I had access to pit and seated tickets. I purchased seated tickets first. By the time I was done the pit tickets were sold out, and that was only about 5 minutes. It looks like some of you tried to purchase hours later, were confronted with the fact that tickets that were no longer available and then complained about the site being broken. It seems crazy, but they do sell out very quickly. Purchasing on the day of the presale is not good enough. You need to purchase them within the first few minutes of the presale. Just a note for the future.

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I can't get any tickets either. Very frustrating!

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I have 3 tickets for sale. Section E for $44.00 each. Email me if your interested jenessagreenaway@gmail.com.

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I have 3 tickets for sale. Section E for $44.00 each. Email me if your interested jenessagreenaway@gmail.com

trixie420's picture

I've done it for other shows, but this is not right. I hope they figure it out soon, I need to decide on SB or LA!

acparmely's picture

Is there a reason why I'm not able to purchase any GA tickets? And why can I only purchase 1 reserve ticket? It says there aren't enough tickets available at this time. So does that mean that they're not actually available for presale? :-/

Big B's picture

I had no problem getting two tickets right at 10am. I don't know what the story is with you guys. These are presale tix, so I'm sure they'll have GA tix available when the tickets go on sale to the public.

I'll bring the doobs. Heyo!