07.01.12 Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Bowl with Fitz and The Tantrums, Vieux Farka Touré

I Was There
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Ben Harper Setlist 2012-07-01 - Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood, CA


Full band performance except Ben on Weissenborn accompanied by Jessy Green on violin for "All My Heart Can Take", Ben solo Weissenborn for "Mutt" and solo acoustic for "Another Lonely Day." Jessy Green (violin) and Tim Loo (cello) accompanied on "Morning Yearning" and "Amen Omen." Surprise guest Natalie Maines sang lead vocals on Pink Floyd's "Mother." Surprise guest Rickie Lee Jones sang lead vocals on "Masterpiece." Surprise guest Innocent Criminal Leon Mobley played djembe on "Ground On Down" and "Burn One Down."

Who Went

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Ben Harper at the Hollywood Bowl under the bright moon was beyond words... That night and the music, man, were CHURCH! Your a capella brought tears to my eyes and broke my heart open to God. No concert's ever done that. Little awkward, weeping amongst strangers...but they weren't strangers in that moment really. Stood with you in your deep still gratitude at the end. Beautiful...

Thank you, Brother Ben, very much.

Rod Wunsch
Los Angeles

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I had to get two Super Seats. Does this mean Garden Boxes are sold out?

If so, fudge.

We can't see Ben Harper at the Hollywood Bowl from more than 25 feet away.

No way.