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Thank you Ben!

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Everything was perfect! We had an amazing time!

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It is amazing the power Ben''s music posses. He has created his own style of blues/jazz/rock that is amazing to witness in person. During the concert Ben asked the audience how they came to hear his music. My wife said to me "God sent it to me." She found a pink CD case at a yard sale 12yrs ago with a CDR inside that said "Ben" on it. She popped it in the CD player and when it got to the Power of the Gospel she cried. She has played that song every day since, it changed her life. It helped her find her Higher Power. The positive messages of Ben's music has effected my life also. Ben, in your process of finding your way to be a better man you have helped me to look for mine. Gods Speed on your tour, and that you so much for a wonderful, memorable evening. Hurry back to Portland!

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First time to Edgefield and fourth time seeing Ben. This concert was so amazing!! I can't even begin to explain how amazing. A few highlights for me were Ben playing "Forever" and the "glory & Consequence/Jeremy mashup!! That was TOO SICK!!!! I really hope there is a good recording of that!! Thanks for another amazing show and we hope to see you back in the Pacific Northwest soon Ben!'s picture

Let me just say this... I LOVE Ben Harper. "Forever" was our wedding song. But sadly, I'm not so sold on Relentless7. PLEASE bring back the Innocent Criminals! Please Ben, please.