07.18.12 Vigevano, Italy

Castello Sforzesco

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Dear Ben and R7
my friend Chris from India and me enjoyed your show very much! Thanks for all the good vibes we got from you all. I know your concerts since the nineties and it is still something special with you, also with R7. For the first time I was witness of technical problems at one of your concerts, and I must give you a big compliment, you stayed so cool and easy, this is more then professional. Come back to Switzerland next year!
Love, peace and freedom to you all!

davide12685's picture

Dear Ben and Relentless7 , i am sorry to post this blog, but yesterday i was at your concert in Vigevano and was really disappointed!
i never sow you play so weak and with no passion. i know you are all tyred for beingh touring the worl, but for the fans the concert day is the gratest and expected! I sow you many times, but last night i was very sad about your perfomance! i hope you recover soon and keep on rocking in the free world! always with you, in good and most of all in bad times! respect to all of you.
ps. Jordan you rock dude! ciao Dave

fanny's picture

Dear, considering that I adore you, in spite of myself I agree with Dave! Yesterday 12/07/20 at Padua have played with more passion and I was happy. The only criticism that I would make is that you do not have any kind of physical contact with the public, even for a handshake or an autograph signing. Unfortunately the lucky ones invited to the "AFTER SHOW". Remember that thanks to your fans is always welcome. There will always love ... Fanny

elenapozzoardizzi27533's picture

Once again, thank you Ben for coming in Milano area! Thanks for giving us wonderful emotions. Thanks for having me rocked with your music, I received many good vibes with your energy. You are really so special, as a musician and as a man. Thank you, thank you very much! A very big hug, love you Ben <3

vanloon's picture

Thank you Ben and R7 for your show.
you're better than we deserve.
I was pleasantly surprised listening Jeremy! A big surprise!!!

See you tomorrow in Piazzola sul Brenta ;)

joetode's picture

great show!

islena14497's picture

A M A Z I N G show :-)
What a great artist he is

Antonella's picture

Hi Ben, welcome back! Thanks for making my summer sweeter! Kisses