07.31.12 Calella de Palafrugell, Spain

Festival de Cap Roig Jardí Botànic de Cap Roig

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Amazing. Been wanting to see Ben Harper live for years, but due to my erratic schedule, have always just missed his show(s).
This was by far the most vivid, personal and meaningful concert I have ever seen. Ben {`Benito :)` } put his heart and soul
into the performance and it was greatly appreciated. The depth of his character, and the band's performance transcended the audience
into an innocence of time and space.

Under the perfect full moon on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona, every change of guitar, tempo and note
reached inside and grabbed the audience's heart, squeezing ever so effortlessly and true to Ben's persona, humanely.

The entire concert was not a concert but rather an exquisite and elegant sojourn. One which I will gladly repeat in the near future.
Thank you to Ben and his band of 'J's'.

Peace and all that is good.

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Best concert ever! I've been in Razz more than once, Badalona, l'Olympia... but yesterday it was just amazing.
Thanks for your attitude and thank you so, so much for playing Walk Away!

alice_wonderlandBCN's picture

Amazing show last night!!! You touched me and stirred all kind of emotions. Congratulations!!!
You are absolutely amazing!!! THANK YOU & come back soon!

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Hi Ben,

tomorrow at Calella i will have the opportunity to see You the fifth time in a more than a decade by now..MAAAN in 1.5 decades if i think about it....
..first time in a preess release in BIKINI Barcelona..You met with the whole crowed after the concert and i had the chance to share some "chocolate" with You...You impressed by after having performed for more than an hour to play "some more " songs lke for nearly another hour only You and the guitar....and i first was disapointed when i walked in the venue and didn see any bandś setup...wow i wasn bored for one second hahaha..

saw You twice in RAZZMATAZZ and met You with some local musicians backstage and we showed You the good catalan weed hehe...but You didn smoke this day yeah and second time i was even there as security...still have a foto of all of the crew with You..
GREATEST LIVE GIGS I HAVE EVER SEEN...i actually hear myself shouting thank You on Live on Mars lol...my daughter asked me once if this is not me and we had a great laugh together...

..last time in FORUM LA CRUILLA but i was there only as public and had no chance to say hallo....
...maybe tomorrow thereś a chance to meet after concert...my mail is marcusweida@hotmail.com or answer to the mail of this account of my special friend who surprised me with the entrance cards after the Canarian gig was cancelled..
McE Marcus Gabriel Weida

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See you tomorrow Ben , i have a spanish red wine bottle for you...see you in the after show time...
Welcome ...

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Dear Ben,

I am glad I have the opportunity to see you playing again, this time in a marvelous place like Calella de Palafrugell.

We met at Barcelona's airport 2 years ago, the day after your concert in Barcelona (which I attended too), and you were very nice and friendly.

Just wanted to ask if you could sing Amen, Omen in your concert in Calella. Actually I don't know what type of songs are you planning to play...but Amen Omen is the song that helped my girlfriend Marta to discover your music...and since we both will be there, I would highly appreciate if you could play it.

Thanks so much, and keep playing !



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hola!! por fin voy a ver a Ben Harper en directo, qué ganas!! iré desde madrid, escribía para ver si alguno/a de vosotros también sale desde madrid, o si una vez en Gerona a alguien le apetece compartir transporte, o alojamiento en calella... hasta pronto! :)