08.18.12 Del Mar, CA

Seaside Stage @ Del Mar Racetrack

I Was There
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All 12 performances of the Del Mar Summer Concert Series are free for fans attending the races. The Seaside Stage is a non-smoking venue. Saturday shows are 18-years of age and up ONLY. Following the last race, concert prices are $20. No reserved seats, standing room only so get there early. Concert starts after the races. More info at Del Mar Scene.

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Big B's picture

Oh, yeah...

The Springsteen "Atlantic City" cover was ace, man.

Big B's picture

Fucking brilliant show, man.

Just a damn good summer setlist.

More, more, more.

My old lady and I are gonna try to make it to the Chicago acoustic performance. Don't know how, but we can't miss this solo stint.

Keep on rockin'...

THIRSTYDOGwillNEVERdie's picture

Epic performance last night. It was almost as if Ben read the reviews from last year and brought what everybody wanted. Even brought back burn one down for the encore, THANKS FOR AN EPIC EVENING!!!

THIRSTYDOGwillNEVERdie's picture

Was wondering if anybody goin to the show from OB area would be down to give me and my friend a ride back into san diego? Takin the coaster up but the train stops running kinda early. i can give you 20 bucks cash or a special gift from snoop lion of even better value. my email is bigtimeob@yahoo.com if you are down. See you there even If I have to hitchhike back!!!


jlauridsen's picture

went last year, it was a life changing experience for my wife and I... we'll never miss it again...