09.04.12 Vienna, VA

The Filene Center at Wolf Trap with Rickie Lee Jones

I Was There
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An Acoustic Evening with Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - The Filene Center at Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA


Guest Set

Rickie Lee Jones sang "Masterpiece." "Please Break The Silence" is a new song played on the piano. Earlier in the night, Ben sat in with Rickie Lee Jones on The Rolling Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil", from The Devil You Know.

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susieblue's picture

This show was so great on so many levels that a review cannot possibly do it justice. How many musicians can play so many diverse instruments, so many diverse styles, with so much passion? None that I can think of. I have seen Ben in DC, VA, HI, even in an old church in Amsterdam (The Paradiso) and this by far was the best show I've seen yet. Absolutely mindblowing! Would love to get a copy of this show if anyone knows how I could find it, please pm me!! Thanks Ben for putting your all into your music...

Mama Vivi's picture

Hi susieblue, you can find something already on youtube...just tipe "Ben Harper Wolf trap 2012". Oh how I whish I'd seen this concert! YOU LUCKY GUYS!

kdouglas's picture

What a fantastic show!

It was so wonderful to sit back and give yourself to this stripped down music played by a true musical genius. The smooth voice, passion and energy that he poured into his performance made me so grateful that he shared his talents with us. It just seems that his music is effortless and pure. Thanks for a magical night!

joseph_beamon27087's picture

My 12th show, and he still continues to amaze. Its like a roller coaster, emotions, tones, feelings, he can break your heart one minute and rock your socks off the next. Seeing his first show on his first solo tour is monumental, currently #3 on my Ben Harper Favorite Live Show List. Thinking about getting tickets to the Philly show. Till next time Ben. Thank You for your music and I hope you never stop.

Harper McClure's picture

Spectacular evening!!!!!

1246473455@facebook's picture

Beautiful concert -- I'm dying to know the name of the new song Ben did on his piano where he said he may mess up. It was beyond touching! I love how, after all these years, I see him twice in about 10 months -- once with the band and now once solo -- it's been like two totally difference experiences.

Tiger20's picture

"Please Break the Silence" I think someone is going to post it on Youtube soon.

cberge21's picture

This was the Ben Harper show I always wanted to see. I loved the Innocent Criminals and Relentless7 shows too but there's a certain honesty and emotion that comes across in a fan-focused, stripped down set with just a guy on stage, his guitar (or marimba, or piano, or uke), and his catalogue of heartfelt and often heart torn lyrics and chords. If you have tickets to upcoming shows, consider yourself very lucky indeed, b/c this is the best Ben Harper show you will ever see.

benandjerryfan's picture

It was amazing !!!!!!

bzissel's picture

My 6th Ben Show. 1st one in 3 years or so. He was absolutely captivating. The Ben of early 2000's was back!! Talked to the fans, told stories and just was the Ben Harper we grew up with. He made a comment about playing since like 1995 and "how some of us have grown up together"!!! That made it so real. Rock on Ben and would love to see a reunion tour with the Innocent Criminals!! Who's with me????

cgreen2599's picture

Been waiting for months and the time has nearly arrived. Taking a nice 11 hour road trip with my buddies from Louisville to catch this momentous occasion. Anyone from the area have any suggestions on stuff to check out? We'll have all day Tuesday to goof around.

1776812022@facebook's picture

I can't wait! It's been 6 years since the last time, which was at Wolftrap w/ the Marley family. I remember being so emotional when he played 'By my side', that was a first time I've heard him play that at a show (and I've seen Ben Harper at least a dozen times). Regardless, it will be a cherished and powerful night - as always.

Nicolecogs's picture

Please play Beloved one! It's my husband and I's wedding song and we are going to the show for our anniversary!

eventman25's picture

I was such a fool and passed up the chance to see Ben at Wait Chapel years ago here in Winston-Salem. I've been kicking myself ever since. But the wait will be worth it at this show. I can't wait til September!!!!

Squirrely's picture

I'm so excited and curious as to what songs will be on the set list.

If this was by popular demand - a concert for the fans ... maybe ...

... Maybe Ben will come out and meet some of his fans. Or maybe he'll come out and have a special surprise, like ...

give a signed Lap Slide Guitar to his #1 fan (ME),
maybe he'll sign 2 autographs,
or maybe give out 3 guitar pics,
maybe take a photo or 4,
come-on this ain't no normal nine-5 gig man,
just take 6 or 7 minutes to
think about all of these grrr8 ideas ...
run-um around your mind until 9 passes
10 and we can do it all again!!

hahajaja ... Honestly, how awesome would anything like that be, it would be super cool Ben - you should do it!

Deannac38's picture

After trying to log in and get tix since last night, finally successful! AND AM SO FREAKIN excited. I am a huge fan and have never, ever, had the chance to see Ben before. Planets have lined up just right I guess, and this is going to happen :) My husband and I can't wait!

zachff's picture

Definitely said 3/19 this morning, something must've been off. I'll try again tomorrow.

apogipinoy's picture

Could have sworn the pre-sale tickets were going up today, March 19th. Now it says March 20th...I'll be back! :)

kirkpspaulding3642's picture

Does anyone have an extra concert poster they could sell me?
I really want one:(