09.08.12 Halifax, Canada

Summersonic with Mo Kenney, Old Man Luedecke, Matt Andersen, Martin Sexton, Daniel Lanois

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Acoustic performance.

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Ben was awesome in Halifax! Very personable, I loved his story telling and how it really felt like he connected with us (maritimers)!

JessThompson's picture

Unreal show!

nivek's picture

Welcome to the maritimes Ben! Glad you enjoyed our hospitality. It was evident in your performance that you appreciated the crowd and the appreciation in your music was returned. The set up for the solo show is Great with the circle of guitars to pick and choose to play. Although, he Opened the show on the xylophone with Trouble man into Indifference was priceless. What an amazing version of that song. There were many highlights of classics like Burn one Down, Lonely day, Gospel, Walk away . Fantastically done. He forgot where he was during Diamonds and had a pause which was pretty funny. During a quiet moment in between songs a girl behind me welled out "I'm in love with you Ben!" that made him keel over and laugh at the random comment. He interacted with the crowd very well. The encore was pretty special, He didn't want to stop playing. Atlantic City was great. When it's good on the Weisenborn is my favorite. He shared a story about meeting the co-writer of Sexual Healing and that enjoyed Ben's version of the song. He apologized before playing in case he would mess it up. All in all it was a wonderful show. Bring the full band next time and rock the Maritimes.
Take care,

charlenp's picture

What an amazing performance last night!!! Ben you blew me away last night, you're an awesome artist!!! Please come back to Halifax!!!

Nance's picture

Absolutely amazing show. It's in my top five live shows of all time. It was my first time seeing Ben after being a fan for years and I got to spend it in the front row after driving for five hours to be there. I can't imagine a better experience. I really appreciated his genuine reaction to the love he was getting from the crowd. I'm going to hold him to his promise to come back again.

Thank you for coming to Nova Scotia!

stoneyj's picture

I wish I could download audio for last night's show. Amazing!

Rob M's picture

Amazing...skeptical I was about this format at an outdoor festival venue, but it worked and worked well. This was my 14th show and the best of the outdoor venue. The set list changes Ben made were great and so appreciated. I think the official end time was supposed to be 10:45; thanks for the extra hour Ben. Thank you and see you in Boston!