jadeblade's picture

We drove 7 hours round trip for this show, and it was worth every minute of it. Ben is gracious, oozing with talent, and transmits brilliance through every note he sings and plays. This was the best concert I've ever been to, and I'd go to every other show on the tour if I could. The buzz of energy from the concert is still resonating in me now. Thank you, Ben!

jnordy4182's picture

Absolutely AMAZING show!
Such a great, intimate venue and you could tell Ben fed off of the interaction of the audience!
As he finished the show, he said it was the best sounding theater he'd ever played...I was amazed by that, considering all of the venues he has played!

jewell100k10174's picture

What a great night!! Ben never disappoints, but this was the best show I have ever been to in my life. Just Ben, his stories, and all of his instruments! Absolutely magical. Meeting him is the only thing that could have made it any better.

organ.grinder666's picture

What a show!!!!!!!

SALMCC's picture

This was certainly one of those nights I will say, "I was there when Ben Harper played nearly three hours at the Michigan Theater." The voice, the words, the beautiful sounds he made with so many different instruments. A night to remember for sure. Thanks Ben for a musical journey.

Carl Roots's picture

A very special/memorable performance...2 hours 45 + minutes of solo Ben Harper,.Honourable mentions 2 The FUNK BROTHERS/Motown,Rythym/Blues Giants, BaseBall players,Jeff Buckley& his Father&Mother.....
Motown,Ricky Lee Jones, Marvin Gaye,Leonard Cohen & Bruce Springsteen songs....
great vibes/energy in Ann Arbor the backdrop from the Folk Music Center........
This show/tour is a must people .......GO......peace.....

redfan2311's picture

Finally after15 years, I get to see you guys live!

christinez20053947's picture

Not Fire Not Ice was our wedding song as well. Just celebrated 9 years on 13 September. Can't wait to see you next week.

Christine and Brad

forman1's picture

I don't want to be a copycat, but simply would like to put in the good work for "by my side." My husband and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and this was our wedding song. I play it for him every year, very special to us.

The Lockwoods

jlustig's picture


I am not sure if you read these but if so, I would like to make one request for the Ann Arbor, MI show on 9/26, PLEASE play Not Fire, Not Ice. I see that it has been sporadically on your set list for the acoustic tour. That song has special meaning to my wife and I. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary and that is the song we chose to dance to at our wedding reception. We've seen you a number of times in Detroit but are yet to hear you play it live so I am hoping you can make it happen this time.

Best regards,

Jim and Heather

Dale7792's picture

This doesn't seem to be working. Someone PLEASE tell me this isn't already sold out!!!