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Greetings fellow Ben Harper Fans!!! I am hoping for some good luck here. . . :)
I wanted to get a poster from the show, but they sold out 3 people in front of me. I have been searching online steady since the show but have come up empty on where to buy a poster. I loved the design and would LOVE one to remember the day! This was my first (husbands 4th) Ben Harper show, so I would really love to have something to remember the experience by.
Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Love & Light


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This show would have been so much more enjoyable without some of the obnoxious people in the crowd. It would be nice to hear Ben play his songs without the unnecessary "WOO's" mid song. Also, just because an artist can hear every word you shout out in a small intimate venue, doesn't mean you should yell every single thing that comes to mind. I would love to see Ben given the respect that an audience at an orchestra would give. There were too many times during this show where the playing near the end of a song, or when Ben stepped away from the mic, was taken over by the WOOs. Five star setlist and music, two star crowd....

jupiter03110482782's picture

To the chick who yelled, "YEEEEEEEEEEAAHHH" in her man voice after every song and during the middle of songs, dude you suck....

jbartl's picture

I saw Ben and the Innocent Criminals at the Wharton Center on Michigan State's campus when I was a freshman there Nov. 2, 2000, and I didn't think I could ever see a better show. This 29-song, extremely personal and passionate show topped it, and it's hands down the best concert I've ever seen in my life.

Thank you for an amazing evening, Ben. Truly inspiring. Come back to Chicago soon!

ntornow's picture

Jeffrey, I was also at that Wharton Center show. Completely agree it was one of the best. Ive never heard it that quiet for his acoustic set until last week in Chicago. I remember looking back into the Wharton crowd as everyone was fixated on Ben. Cheers to many more great BH shows.

MissStarr's picture

I was wondering if anyone had some more videos from this performance at the Palace.... Ben actually dedicated Drugs Don't WORK to me.. and I would love to share the video of that moment..

emanon's picture

Only have video for a couple of songs, neither of which is Drugs Don't Work. I did, however, tape audio for the complete show - it's torrented on dime a dozen.

SGEsquire's picture

Thank you so very much for recording this and sharing it with us. The quality is way better than I expected, which is awesome. I had seen Ben on the Lifeline tour in Miami on Halloween. When he did the part of Where Could I Go without a microphone, I thought I'd never see greatness like that live again. And then I came to this concert with my wife and the whole concert had greatness like that in each song. Only Ben can captivate an audience for 3 hours by himself, playing one instrument. I've been trying to figure out how to get to another one of the acoustic performances but it just doesn't seem like it'll happen, so I am so very thankful to have the recordings as a memory. I really just cant get over the performance. Voice-wise, Ben is the Ray Charles and Otis Redding of our generation. One of, if not the, greatest voice performing today. And this was probably one of his greater performances.

prateball's picture

How's the quality of the audio recording and where could I get a copy of it?

MissStarr's picture

The shout out actually came right before Burn One....

moosemasterp's picture

Hey all! Still can't get this show out of my mind. So awesome.

I started a setlist based on the below posts--feel free to help me out and make changes! I don't remember the order of the songs that well as we were fortunate to get so many of them! What a show.


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Diamonds setlist and yours on the other website look accurate to me. Thanks for posting!

Incredible night. Still thinking about it. Loved his story about coming to Chicago in 1993 after meeting Dave Myers from the band Four Aces (Chicago-based blues band). For those who weren't at the show, Ben spoke about Dave Myers coming to his grandparent's instrument store in Claremont, CA. Ben connected with him so deeply that he ended up moving to Chicago for a month (during winter) and learned some blues sounds from Dave and his brother Louis. Ben elaborated on his adoration for Maxwell Street, Chicago blues, his respect for driving on 'black ice', and losing all his money playing poker to 80 year-old African-American guys. As he told the story Ben played some blues progressions and sped it up to what would become the song "Burn to Shine". His stories and openness with the audience are just legendary, not to mention his willingness to keep playing after his crew encouraged him to stop because of time constraints. One of the few musicians in the world where a $50 ticket and 3 hours of your life affects you indefinitely...

Diamonds's picture

Hey Moose,

I'm certain this is the correct setlist, the only thing I'm uncertain about is the title to track 13. It was the instrumental played with his custom Dart Weissenborn and it was on the setlist the night before, so I'm only assuming it is titled "Exhale":

Set I:

01. Blessed To Be A Witness
02. Number Three
03. Skin Thin
04. Not Fire Not Ice
05. Homeless Child
06. Diamonds On The Inside >
07. Masterpiece
08. Forever
09. Burn To Shine
10. Excuse Me Mr.
11. Another Lonely Day
12. Trying Not To Fall In Love With You
13. Exhale
14. Trouble Man >
15. Indifference
16. Hallelujah
17. Please Bleed

Encore I:

18. Mutt >
19. Pleasure & Pain
20. Walk Away
21. Atlantic City
22. Glory & Consequence/Jeremy
23. The Drugs Don't Work
24. You Found Another Lover, I Lost Another Friend
25. Burn One Down
26. Better Way
27. Amen Omen
28. Waiting On An Angel
29. Suzie Blue

moosemasterp's picture

Awesome! Thanks Diamond! You rock.

Michele M's picture

Ben, I know you won't read this, busy guy that you are. But I want you to know you're the reason I started playing guitar again after 20 years to get my groove back. Thank you for being so creative and so generous with the music that is so much a part of you. You are an inspiration for me to get better and to take a chance. The Chicago show was exceptional and so much fun. Travel safe and keep loving the music.

evrobbins183's picture

this was the most profound & intimate performance that I have ever been a part of by any artist. it became a spiritual experience & was a gift. beautiful!!!

jrock2364's picture

I TOTALLY agree with this sentiment. I was soooo moved by the performance. "Fire and Ice" and "Diamonds on the Inside" both brought me to tears. I've never seen Ben before, but will now travel far and wide to see him again and again. Thank you Ben - you are a gift to our world.

russbarnett29081's picture

What an unbelievable, incredible show he put on. He came out at 8:50 and played a Springsteen-esque 3 hours and 10 minutes, finally wrapping up at midnight. He came back for his encore around 10:45, so the encore alone was 1:15! At 11:00 he told the crowd, "The next half hour is on me" and kept playing, incurring fines for passing the cut-off time. At 11:30 he called one of his techs out on the stage, asked him what the charge was for another half hour, and then told the crowd: "I've still got so much more to say. Guess I'm not making any money tonight" and then played another half hour. He played just about every instrument on stage and was in great humor and voice the whole night. The sequence where he played Not Fire, Not Ice; Diamonds on the Inside; Burn to Shine and Excuse Me Mr. was the absolute highlight of the show. At one point he gave two women in the crowd his hat and shirt to wear for a song, and then gave them other items to keep and had a conversation with them during the show. He took requests and laughed and joked with the crowd; he even sympathized when the theater ran out of beer. It was such a treat to watch someone play music just for the pleasure and love of playing, without regard for any other considerations. Truly remarkable.

834068484@facebook's picture

This show was amazing. I don't even have the words to describe how powerful it was. He played for 3 hours without sounding or appearing tired and he gave everything he had to every single song. This is honestly the best concert I've ever seen... of ANY artist. Thank you Ben!!!!

olieb's picture

Am seeing Ben tomorrow night in Toronto. Dying for the setlist!!! Same as night before? Anyone?

russbarnett29081's picture

Different setlist. See below.

homeytheclown's picture

These are the songs I remember. The order is a rough approximation. I also included the instruments. All songs with 6-string acoustic are played with his signature Martin guitar. It was an amazing concert!

Blessed to Be a Witness (ukulele)
#3 (12-string acoustic)
Skin Thin (12-string acoustic)
Not Fire, Not Ice (6-string acoustic)
Forever (6-string acoustic)
Homeless Child (? lap steel)
Burn to Shine (? National lap steel)
Trouble Man > Indifference (miramba)
...Falling in Love With You (piano) - don't know the exact song title
Please Bleed (Fender Stratocaster)
Diamonds on the Inside (6-string acoustic)
Glory & Consequence > Jeremy (Fender Stratocaster)
Another Lonely Day (6-string acoustic)
Hallelujah (electric Asher)
Instrumental - name unknown (Weissenborn)
Mutt > Pleasure & Pain (Weissenborn)
Burn One Down (6-string acoustic)
Amen Omen (6-string acoustic)
Masterpiece (6-string acoustic)
Walk Away (6-string acoustic)
New Song - name unknown from upcoming album "Get Up" with Charlie Musslewhite (12-string acoustic)
Atlantic City (Fender Stratocaster)
Waiting on an Angel (6-string acoustic, no microphone)
Suzie Blue (ukulele, no microphone)

homeytheclown's picture

Whoops. Yeah, I forgot:

Excuse Me Mr. (6-string acoustic)
Better Way (Weissenborn, with background recording)
The Drugs Don't Work

I've seen BH 5-6 times since 2000 and this was a SPECIAL show for all the reasons everyone pointed out already. Just to see and hear his virtuosity was incredible. Hope his other shows on this tour live up to last night...

moosemasterp's picture

Thanks Homey! You rock.

russbarnett29081's picture

You forgot Excuse Me Mr.; Not Fire, Not Ice; and Better Way. Probably still a couple more too.

Diamonds's picture

The Drugs Don't Work was played as well.

Apattersonpfs's picture

I was at the Chicago show and it was very different than Ann Arbor. I can't wait for the setlist. The show blew me away.

Apattersonpfs's picture

I was at the Chicago show and it was very different than Ann Arbor. I can't wait for the setlist. The show blew me away.

deannarf86116's picture

Hands down the best Ben show I have ever experienced (he played for three hours and did my favorite song by him Please Bleed). I was very fortunate to get a chance to wear Ben's shirt for one song during the show and I got shake his hand and he gave me a guitar slide :-) Best moment of my life since getting married this year.

moosemasterp's picture

What a show! Thank you Ben! I had "Ben-bumps" 20 times throughout the night.

Does anyone have a setlist they could post?

ryanyonx's picture

Unbelievable!!! Thank you Ben!

jade_trottier's picture


"They say you can't pick your fans, but if I could they would look just like this!" Ben

Shybels's picture

Ben- we will at the show tonight in Chicago! Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Our first dance was to Not Fire Not Ice. We Would be so honored it you would play that song tonight to help us celebrate. so looking forward to tonight! Love Sarah and Cameron Hybels

dhiotis's picture

I have two tickets for tonight's show dead center row 1 of the first balcony. Selling them for face. Email me if you want them. I'm in the west loop.

ntornow's picture

Does anyone have two tickets available? Tried to buy them in the spring with no luck. All the scalpers picked them up. My friend and I have been two dozens of BH shows and would love to see any acoustic one. Thanks for any help.

one1love's picture

there are two rows in orchestra that just opened on ticketmaster

1655574862@facebook's picture

We as always would for sure attend a second show in Chicago! With that being said how about a show in Carmel, Indiana at the Palladium? It's a new place, or at Soldier Park. We always come visit in Chicago because that is my hometown and I always miss it. But Indiana for at least 2 more years, is my stomping grounds and we miss you and our daughter wants to see you still.

cgarcia1's picture

I, along with many other disappointed fans, would love for you to schedule another show in Chicago. Please think about it. :) We're dying to see you live!

kevinm's picture

Yeah took me around 45 mins to an hour of constant clicking to get 2 tickets it really was the worst time I had buying tickets

jfornal79's picture

Ditto - at 10:00:17 AM - I was getting the "not enough tickets available" message - tried 4, then 3, then 2, then finally 1 ticket - couldn't get a single thing.

I see there is no show scheduled on that Friday - whaddya say, Ben? Friday night at the Cadillac Palace?

mindy823's picture

Tried to buy pre-sale at 10 am for an hour and a half...It kept saying not enough tickets available for my request, no matter how many I put in! Emailed the tix@musictoday and they never responded! Now, they are sold out!!! How does that happen?

smdani's picture

I had the same issue of trying for 1 1/2 hours after the ticketing opened for the Chicago venue, only to get a SOLD OUT. Very disappointing.

zacscott77's picture

Just scored Row 18 tickets (dead center). Can't wait!

Julie Bassett's picture

If you decide you can't use four of those seats I would love to buy them!! Tried for 1 1/2 hours this morning before giving up.

mindy823's picture

Where? I kept trying every city and couldnt get them! I am so jealous!!!! I hope I can get something decent still!

smcgarey's picture

Try the vancouver show! That's where we got tickets

zacscott77's picture

There should be some really good seats available on Friday during the general sale. Just make sure you get on right away. The musictoday website always has sucked for presales. They basically treat it like a radio contest line. You have to click at just the right moment to get through to get tickets. It took some people 1.5 hours to get them and others were shut out. It took me 10 minutes of constant clicking to get mine.

thebig395936's picture

I ran into the same issue. I was logged in right at 10 am.

natj62179871's picture

I logged in right at 10 and kept trying for well over an hour.... so bummed. I hope I have better luck on Friday!