pkpowerofone's picture

Ben blew my mind. He played for 3 glorious hours.... by himself. With 12 guitars, a xylophone and a piano. There aren't many people who can hold an audience for 3hrs by themselves. You could hear a pin drop - everyone was so into it! He was raw, passionate and so warm and captivating. Magical moments:

1. A couple told him they got engaged that night and so he sat down on the stage in front of where they were sitting and sang Forever, without a mic. I was on the balcony but could still hear him. It was a spontaneous, romantic moment that we all got to share in. I'm sure that couple will be telling the story of 'the night we got engaged and Ben Harper serenaded us' for the rest of their lives.

2. Ben told a story about meeting with Jeff Buckley (whom I adore) at a festival in France and what an incredible presence he had and how Buckley so strongly effected his life. Then he sang Hallelujah. Wow.

3. Ben's performance of Please Bleed and She Believes. So personal and raw.

I love that he took several moments to negotiate with the Massey Hall manager to keep playing. And he played until the very last minute that he could. He's so humble and inspiring. Thank-you Ben for sharing your spirit and talent with us all! I'll never forget that show.


P.S. Luke Spehar, the opener, was incredible. Buy his music!

Michael Oesch's picture

3 hours of complete entertainment. You Mr. Ben Harper are the real deal. Thank you for the energy, the love and playing one last song (Suzy Blue) acoustically at the front of the stage on your Ukulele. You had us all.... Toronto Thanks you.

Was that the first time someone accepted a marriage proposal at one of your Gigs? (not Ben, a couple in the front row she said YES)
He sat on the edge of the stage and played them Forever acoustically, no amp or mic . Classy move Ben!

Rob M's picture

Can't make the show, have two on the floor going for face. Email if interested.

uninnocent's picture

I just want to let people know that driving to/parking at the show will be a major pain on Saturday. It's Toronto's Nuit Blanche all-night art show on the streets ( I'd highly recommend taking public transportation to the show. The subway will be operating all night ( GO trains, too, will be operating (

JessThompson's picture

I had my hopes up when I saw that the link to Ticketmaster was still up - but it would appear to be sold out! :(

Jimboslice's picture

I just Got tickets through the Massey hall website. Floor seats!

olieb's picture

Any word on accompaniment for this show?

ohno50's picture

Why does Stub Hub already have tons of tickets on sale yet I couldn't get any during the pre-sale. Not cool. Have to wait until the 23rd I guess.

lazylane's picture

I think it's really sad when real fans can't even get tickets to shows they are willing to drop a couple hundred dollars for with only a few hours notice. I was on right at 10 & tried all morning to get pre-sale tickets but couldn't. I ended up getting them through ticketmasters ae pre-sale but still couldn't get the good tickets. Did everyone end up getting some? I'm not sure if they are sold out but ticketmaster is showing they are not available...of course the rip off websites have a ton they are charging a fortune for:(

sofia_TO's picture

Is anyone else having a hard time getting tickets?? Ive been trying since 10- pretty much every 2 minutes! It keeps saying there are no tickets available (but not sold out)! I sent two emails to the help line- but they couldn't help me out. Did anyone else have this problem? I am SO excited for this concert and really want to buy amazing tickets today!! Second Ben Harper concert at Massey Hall- it will be UNREAL!

negrilgrl's picture

If you are willing to pay up check at also go to Massey Hall site, there are tickets available right now!
good luck!

bhicto's picture

Anyone get tickets yet? I've been trying and trying with no luck. Even one ticket would not work, now it says presale is closed. Anyone?

soulful_wala's picture

I wasn't able to either :( I was on at 10 Sharp and couldn't get two tickets!

rebeccaa802818's picture

I can't get them either...

spike3017956's picture

DAMN !!!!! CAN'T pumped :-)))))))))))))

crawford96's picture

Amazing! Can't wait to pumped. Now just hope I can get tickets tomorrow during the pre-sale. = )

uninnocent's picture

My fourth Ben show. FIRST ROW!