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This forum message is two-fold.
First, Dear Ben, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for giving this Montreal concert all that you could. I gave up my Toronto tickets to travel to Montreal to take this venue in and as a chance for my husband and myself to have a memorable few days ahead of our ten year wedding anniversary. You hold a special place in my heart. You were at our wedding, you have helped me through grief and through illness. You are my "go to" when nothing else will do. I thank you for this.

Now, onto the second part of this message:
To the man seated in Row F Seat withheld, I am the woman who was seated beside you. If you are not sure yet who you are, I can only assume that at some point in your life you will stumble upon this post when you sober. If even then you are not sure of who you are, you are the man who did all of the following with some extras I just will be too exhausted to list.

Now, you are the man who insisted on screaming Merci Ben, Merci Benoit over and over and over again, followed up by some strange incessant laughter. You are the man who dropped his beer bottle to the ground while Ben was singing. You are the man who insisted on trying to out-sing Ben during this very potential-full concert. You are the man who either spilt your beer on or knocked your beer bottle into the lovely lady`s head that was seated directly in front of you. You are the man who chose to stand up like Rocky Balboa during a clearly intimate intended concert performed by this other-worldly-talented man and his instruments, never mind the row of beautiful people seated directly behind you who had to endure your body filling their view of that amazing stage. You are the man who chose to get up not once, not twice, not even three times (at which point I was floored) to go and get yourself another beer and possibly a bump of some other stimulant. You very obviously needed to not be served any more alcohol, but alas you were served, each time you and then the separate times your boyfriend got up to get himself a beer as well. You were served, I cannot fault you in taking what you are given. Knowing that you would continue to be served by the service staff at the Symphony, you had to by default disturb the entire row to your right over and over again. You are also the man who had security come and give a “stern” talking to. And, you were the man who chose to burp like an animal during Ben`s very slight pause. A moment that I have held my breath at so many times before in so many different venues with this man named Ben.

Now I can go on and on. I can only assume that by this point either you or your boyfriend have now realized your own identities. Now to the business at hand. After I asked you to stop disturbing absolutely everyone around you, after the cool guy behind me asked you “to just chill out”, after I and my husband asked you to just enjoy the show and LET BEN SING. I followed all of this with asking you to respectfully “stop talking to me”. You continued to ask me a few moronic questions that I chose to not pay any heed to, but know, that I did hear them, loud and clear. I will not address all of them, like the “what`s your problem” question or the “can you go bleep yourself question”. I will address three of your questions.

First, as asked by you: “Were you born in Montreal? Are you from here? Where do you come from?, followed by some pretty nasty comments in French about something to do with the colour of my skin”. My answer: interestingly I was born closer to Montreal then the very man that you entered the auditorium to listen to. I also probably understand and speak about as much French as he does and, wait for it, that gorgeous colour of his skin is oh so similar to the beautiful colour of my skin. Imagine that. Imagine you and I as equals who chose to pay to see this person not born in Montreal, who does not speak very much French and who also happens to be similar in colouring to me. Imagine that.

Second, as asked by you: “Do you think that man (daringly pointing at the stage to Mr Ben Harper) is better than me? Do you, huh? Do you think he is better then me?”. The short of this answer is, yes. Now your turn, do you think that man is better then you.

Finally, as asked by you immediately after Ben sang Excuse Me Mister, a coincidence or good timing on Ben`s part to sing this song right after I asked you to please stop, stop on so many levels. Your question: “Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy that song? You something something” as said in French by you that I could only assume was in reference to the colour of my skin again. My answer, absolutely. I am so grateful to hear him sing that song and every song live and in person, Ben has never ceased to amaze me. Now your turn, did you enjoy this song that ruefully begins Excuse Me Mister, do you have the time, or are you so important that it stands still for you.

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Dear bhicto3288,

I was the man in row F. I am deeply sorry if I ruined your show or anyone else's. Alcohol may do us things sometimes we're not proud of. I've seen Ben Harper many times over the years and in multiple venues and each eand every time, they were festive shows. I guess we were expecting this kind of show again and got 'festive' ahead of time. Apparently, we were wrong and once again, I deeply apologize in this matter.

Though, as I take time, me, the frenchie, to stand up and apologize in your language, to accommodate you, please ask yourself this question: If I choose to live in a place were the main and official language is french, should I at least bother a little bit learning this very language?

Anyways, désolé à nouveau pour tout ce dérangement. J'espère que tu auras la chance de voir Ben à nouveau et cette fois, dans le silence le plus complet que celà mérite. D'ici là, je te souhaite une bonne intégration dans mon Québec!

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I had wait this acoustic show for the last 15 years... It was an amazing evening, Thanks Ben!!!
Are you planning to record a new album with the Innocent Criminals?!

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Opener was amazing. Ben was flawless for 2 and a half hours. Thanks for coming To mtl.

Only problem was the idiot in row f who was drunk and was hollering non sense.

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Front row seats = Great show!!

Ben played 'Forever' at the beginning of the show; it was such a beautiful moment.
I proposed to my girlfriend during the song, and she said YES!

Luckiest man alive

Thank you Ben!

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Apparently Ben played for three hours in Toronto. Lets give him great support so he'll do the same in Mtl!

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Burn one down!

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Hope you will play " I shall not walk alone" !!

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Would love to hear "Suzie Blue" and "Gold To Me"!