10.02.12 Burlington, VT

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts with Luke Spehar

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Luke Spehar played on Van Morrison's "Crazy Love."

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I saw Ben a long time ago at RIT College in Rochester, NY (Jack Johnson opening for him) at a time when his music affected me DEEPLY, but I was too concerned with getting high and being young to enjoy his talent. Last night was a privilege, an honor, and an amazing experience. The scope of Ben's musical talent vocally, instrumentally, and writing clearly has its roots in that music store and his grandparents and I thank God he was born into that situation and it nurtured a music loving soul which after years of writing, playing, singing, and touring grew into what we heard last night.

Ben knocked the top of so many songs that night and it was obvious his heart and soul where into sharing certain songs to the point where it made me smirk out of a reverence for what I was hearing, or I'd get the shivers out of amazement how deep he was throwing himself into the lyrics, and it made me look forward immensely to sharing his music with my kids who are too young now to understand but can certainly enjoy the melodies.

Thank you Ben for being so raw and real with your passion for music.

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Such an incredible evening! I loved every minute. It felt like an intimate conversation with an inspiration! Thank you. Thank you for singing the lyrics of my soul.

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Great show

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What an awesome show