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Totally awesome show

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Best show hands-down I have ever been to of any musician/ band and I have been to a lot as a music lover. low-key set, good chemistry with audience. all the classics were played as well as some great covers: sexual healing, hallelujah, atlantic city, jeremy. ben really connected to the audience - he was warm and put all of himself into the music and making sure the audience got what they paid for and then some. he played multiple encores and probably would have stayed onstage all night if allowed. the venue was beautiful and had great acoustics and character (the old opera house). the set was pretty much him and a vast collection of guitars. haha- it felt like ben was singing just for me! honestly, my first show of his as I was sick last yr and unable to attend his show at the house of blues. it is nice to see a successful musician who never loses sight of the music and his loyal fans. he told interesting stories between sets and would mention charities near and dear to him but not in a preachy way. his audience was an interesting cross section which made the show even better and spoke to the depth and wide appeal of his music. can't wait for his next step in MA!

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who is the artist of the poster?

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I didn't see any posters at the merch booth?

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Still don't know who the artist is but the poster is available now! Just ordered one.

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it is always a great gift to spend a night being empowered by Ben. he really gives us so much, i find myself on the verge of tears and utter amazement the whole show and go home feeling inspired to keep trying to be a better me. Thank you Ben and thank you to all the wonderful people who congregate together to share this love together :)

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Not sure what to say but holy sh*t! This was my 10th Ben show and I'm still shaking my head in amazement. The guy played from 8:20pm to 11:22pm only taking two 3 minute breaks playing a total of 33 songs - insane!! My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves and had a great night thanks to Ben - thank you for a great set and awesome night!! Come back soon!! The only thing I'm wishing for now is a copy of the show! I want to re-live this performance/night over and over - thank you!

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Set list:

Fight outta you
Excuse Me Mr
Blessed to be a Witness (ukulele)
Never Leave Lonely Alone
Morning Yearning
Burn to Shine
Number With No Name
Younger Than Today (piano)
Not Fire Not Ice
By My Side
When She Believes
Diamonds on the Inside
Sexual Healing
Please Bleed
Burn One Down

Oppression - Get Up Stand Up
With My Own Two Hands
Give a man a home
Please me like you want to
Trying not to fall in love with you
Another Lonely day
Walk away

Atlantic city
Glory & Consequence - Jeremy
Suzy Blue
Waiting on an Angel

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Best show I have ever seen, never thought he would top 2000 @ Dartmouth College w/ Jack Johnson, but he did. If you ever have the opportunity, "An Acoustic Evening w/ Ben Harper" is exactly where you want to be.

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I have two tickets for this show but I'm unable to go!! If anyone would like them, I'll be in Boston on 10/5 to hand deliver them!! :D

(Luckily, I've got amazing friends in Toronto that surprised me with tickets to the show at Massey Hall to make up for me missing out on what will no doubt be an incredible show at the BOH!!)