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I was the the person whose iPhone Ben took on stage. Does anybody have a video of that?? When I got back to my seat and checked it, I realized that the video did not record!! So sad !! So I'm wondering if anybody has a video of it happening so I at least can see that.
What an amazing show !!!! I love Ben!

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The last time I saw Ben live was in 2011 at UNH and instantly a fan. His overall appreciation of the fans and his amazement at how much fans love him! His explanation of his grandparent's music store and how they met in New England as well all the amazing musicians he grew up with to Thanksgiving Dinner sitting next to street bums his grandparents would take in. You embrace your audience like no other, making each of us feel like we're in the living room with your best stringed friends joining in the festivities. The passion drips from his fingers and flows through his words. What an incredible 3hr journey he took those present at the State Theatre. Until we meet again, this amazing website will keep me feeling your vibes.

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who is the artist of the poster?

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BEN HARPER Concert - Acoustic October 6th at the State Theater in Portland Maine. Kim and I have been waiting all year for this concert. We first heard his songs on WCLZ couple of years ago and put Ben on our must see list. We bought a couple of his disks at Bull Moose records and learned a bunch of his songs. Portland is a great music town so we knew sooner or later we would get to see him. It was worth the wait. Fifteenth row – yea. Ben has this mix of being religious and dedicated to humanitarian causes and being haunted on a tragic level. A dark but uplifting genre of music. Harper’s talent and passion for music is deep as displayed by the texture he lays down to his vocals and the depth of his ability on string instruments. Ben brought about 15 different guitar like string instruments and played them all. The show lasted 3 ½ hours and around 35 songs. An unexpected gem was a rendition of Springsteen’s Atlantic city. Finally the state had to stop the show as midnight came and went. Ben, I think would have played all night. That’s one check on the music bucket list. Ben Harper catch a show if he graces you town.

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My wife (Maine girl) and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary tonight - Not Fire Not Ice is our wedding song. Would live to hear it! Thanks For such a sweet song Ben.

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I am SO excited for the show!! This will be my first Ben Harper show and I have been a lover of his music for YEARS! I have my own wishlist of songs that I'd love to hear but looking at the past shows set lists he has been hitting them all...except...In The Colors...hint hint hint ;). The State Theater is an amazing venue and will be the perfect intimate setting for Ben to play!