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What an amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ben for the incredible experience! Went on at 9 and played until 12:30 in the morning and probably would have played another few hours if he wasn't getting bugged to get of the stage by his mgt team at the very end. 3 hours and 30 minutes of musical genius and passion. A performance unlike any other that I've ever been blessed to be a witness...

Crowd was rather comical and challenged at times and I definitely agree with previous reviewer about several folks in particular unable to clap to the beat, but it was one of those experiences that the negatives paled in comparison to the incredible experience and positive vibes flowing throughout the evening.

Thank you again Ben for a night we will never ever forget!!!

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What a FANTASTIC show last night! So many great songs. The crowd included individuals unable to clap to the beat and some who felt the need to scream song titles - yet Ben's performance outshone these distractions and one man filled the hall with his soulful music WELL past midnight!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Ben for a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

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Absolutely amazing ... Thank you Ben!!! After over 25 years of seeing live music it brings me immeasurable happiness to continue to experience what you gave us all last night. It is indescribably .. if anyone has ever felt true love, through music, in your heart and soul than you know what I am talking about.

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I feel so grateful to have been there!!

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Help! I need Tickets!

Didn't find out about the show until it was too late, and the tickets sold out. I live in Northampton, not looking to re-sell tickets or anything like that, just a huge Ben fan. Am hoping that someone out there can't go or may have two extra tickets to unload??

You can contact me at



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Ouch! Messed us up with the original "no pre-sale" misinformation.

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woo hoo!