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I flew from AZ to see this show for my birthday... It was quite possibly the best show I have ever been to... When I was younger I had the honor of performing on that same stage with my high school choir. I have not been there since that day. Before we left for the trip my teacher told us we had no idea what we were getting ready to go do, and wouldn't fully realize it till we were older... well how true that turned out to be... Thank you Ben for telling the story of when you met Jeff Buckley... He is my other favorite but I was never able to see him before he passed... I can not explain what that meant to me... the goosebumps you described when he was in the room happened to me as you told the story... Thank you so much.... I will always remember this night...

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I flew to NY from South Texas specifically to see this show. I had a great time in NY but the highlight was running into Ben on the street on my way to Carnegie Hall. He was incredibly sweet and I was ecstatic to get to meet him. To top it off, his concert was amazing. Hearing him singing and playing his incredible songs enhanced with Carnegie Hall acoustics was inspirational. I'm definitely looking forward to his next tour.

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Found the audio for this show -

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Jus found this... Thank you so MUCH for posting this. My wife and I flew out from SF for this show and you just made our night when we found your recording a year later. Thanks again.... Do you have any other recordings of Ben available?

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Thank You

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Thank you!!!

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FAB show. Thank u Ben.

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I posted a long review on my blog at

Here's just an excerpt:
At 8:24, Ben walked across the wooden stage, chose his famed Weissenborn guitar, and took a seat. He opened with an instrumental mélange of "All My Heart Can Take" and "Mutt," crescendoing to a series of palm hits on the body, which resonated off the walls nicely, before segueing into the first song Ben ever wrote, "Pleasure & Pain." He selected a ukulele for "Blessed to Be a Witness," inserting the lyric, "I am blessed to be with you at Carnegie Hall," which elicited claps from the floor and balconies. After "Witness," Harper traded out the uke for his '54 Stratocaster (So much for an acoustic evening I guess.), taking a moment to give a lesson on the Weissenborn, which is hollow through the neck, fretless, requires a tool to be played, and although it's more closely related to the cello, is considered a lap steel. Ben relayed a text from a friend: "'I've never known anyone that's played Carnegie Hall before. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?' Before the text even got dry, I shot back, 'Lap steel.'" Not two notes into "Excuse Me Mr." Ben stopped and gushed authentically, "Thank you all for being here very much." It was during this song that I discovered the beauty of the room's acoustics. Ben would occasionally reel back his head away from the microphone and sing to the room (A suspended mic dangling above the stage amplified some of this sound.), and it just sounded so incredibly rich and soulful, that I wish he had done the entire show off-mic.

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That was such an inspirational evening, thank you so much Ben for a performance that my friends and I will never forget. I wish I could get a recording of this show

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Awesome! Thanks Ben for an AMAZING night! Thanks for playing By My Side!

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Epic. There's nothing else to say.

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tickets? jet available ?
(what a rush..

to everyone who can be there,
have an unforgettable spineshivering very special sensecaressing evening
with Ben

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Have 2 extras for tonight in Balcony Row P - full view seats (i.e. not obstructed view) me at

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Might Have an me

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Should be a great show!

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We have 4 tickets for this concert and are no longer able to attend. We will sell the tickets at cost. Two are amazing seats in the first box seat closest to the stage on the left hand side and two are great seats on the first balcony. Contact me at if you are interested. The tickets would be available for pick-up at Carnegie hall at any time.

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Good day,

If someone need / want 2 tickets let me know...I have:
Center Balcony D 110
Center Balcony D 112
Event Price: $110.00
Fees: $12.00
Your order total is: $122.00

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Are your tickets still available?

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I'm interested in these tickets, i am in NYC, hit me up at thanks

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When ever Ben comes to NYC I can't miss him. Def. will not miss this show. A celebration for my musical inspiration. I'm counting own the days. Super super excited.

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Coming from DC for this show. We will have seen Ben at the beginning of this US tour to see the finale. My birthday gift to myself.

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Flying from the left coast to NYC especially for this show -- what a combination of my favorite artist at such a historic venue where so many legends have performed. Cannot wait!

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Me too. Got to pop my Apollo cherry with Ben in Fistful of Mercy last year, and now my first Carnegie Hall show will be Ben too. Stoked.