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2nd Row... centre stage.... worth every hour we drove and dollar we spent. Where are the words to describe such an experience?? Hubs and I have been mega fans since way back... had Bens music in our Wedding.... words from "Forever" in our vows.... our big Rottie is named Harper and we have a huge black and white framed pic in the living room.... yep... mega The kids think of Ben Harper as part of the family. So to finally be there.... to see him sitting only a few feet away from us.... doing what he does best... was like food for the Ben hungry soul. We are still up on cloud 9... wandering about the house humming Suzie Blue or Blessed to be a Witness to ourselves, lost in the memories of such an entrancing night. What captured us the most was his most sincere humbleness... not only a mesmerising musician & artist... but such a natural spirited guy. He thanked us over and over... for giving his music so much love - one can only hope that Mr Harper knows how much his fans thank him... for what HIS MUSIC brings to our lives. Watching him on that slide guitar - was breath taking... often at times you could almost hear a pin drop in the room. In typical kiwi fashion there were shout outs and chants hollared... to which he threw charming and witty comebacks to. He played so many requests from fans begging to hear their favs.... and I'd have to say Sexual Healing was a huge hit... so much so... that after the first... Baaaaaayyyy--beeeeee..... the crowd went so wild... that he stood back and could only laugh at how adored his interpretation of that 'sexual prayer' really So many highlights. Please Bleed was awesome, especially to see him lose himself as he did and go to that other place when the music takes over. Suzie Blue on the edge of the stage with the Uke.... and the moment him and my hubby stood face to face and pointed to each other... eyes locked.... what a moment. One that my man will never forget... and made the near double price of those VIP seats worth every single penny! We could see every bead of sweat, every facial expression when he worked those many instruments he commands. His new song Masterpiece.... was just that. Another beautiful Ben Harper chilled rhythm with real meaning and soul. This was a moment of a lifetime for us... this show was nothing short of pure bliss. To hear so many of his early songs... sung to absolute perfection... just reminded us all the more why we adore this guy and have his lyrical poetry so much a part of our life. Thank you for coming back to our little land waaaaaaaay down under... where there will always be nothin but love in the room ;)

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It really was the best live show I've been to. Really chilled, great music, just wonderful!
I must say though, I apologise on behalf of NZ for some of the rude people that seemed that they'd rather talk than listen to your fabulous performances.
They obviously missed the memo about it being an ACOUSTIC evening.
I'm so glad you played Sexual Healing for us on the Friday, we had to bully you into it!
Burn One Down went off!
Some of my favourites were performed by you that night, I'm going to remember it forever!
You're the best!
Good luck on the rest of the tour!

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By far the most amazing show i have ever seen!
Thank you Ben for letting me apart of it. you are a very talented man, and a insperation to all!
You have a beautiful soul, and it shines out in your lryics.
Still buzzing from last night.

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What a show!! I really don't want to say too much as I would hate to spoil any surprises for people going to the next few shows, but suffice to say it was amazing!! This is the third time I have seen Ben (once with IC and once with R7), both of which I loved but this is by far my favourite of the three. I will forever be grateful for Mr. Harper for sharing his marvelous musical talents and wonderful lyrics with us!!

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I can't wait for Friday night!! See you in Wellys big man!