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What can I say, what an amazing concert, it felt like being at the Live From Mars albums, truly blessed to be the presence of such a great musician. Great covers and adlibbing with "In the dock of the bay". Looking forward to the next one.

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I WITNESSED this amazing show, second time seeing Ben Harper ,first time was when he & relentless 7 opened for Pearl Jam over here in New Zealand and that was bloody sweet too. Ben was a BEAST !! he played for over 3 hours it was unbelievable,the venue which was ASB Theatre was perfect for the acoustic set.He jammed all of his selection of guitars and piano and some other crazy electric xylophone looking thing =). The amount of talent he has is truely intense.I wish i wrote the setlist down in my phone so i could put it on here to share but i didnt >= ( he played such a variety of his ever expanding material. he even unexpectedly got asked from a person in the audience " whats your favourite old school song? " for which Ben answered ".......... id probably say something like sitting on the dock of the bay" the crowd loved that. Ben then asked the sound crew behind the stage to print some lyrics.Two songs later and he played it for us,his first time doing so to a audience. I feel honoured to have witnessed a performance with such range and undeniable talent. Cheers for coming back to your "home" Ben your a legend. il see you next time.

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Last year blues festival in New zealand was cancelled and i was really sad ( birthday present disappear), that was suppose to be an awesome festival, i come back this year in NZ to work and my tattoo done (Gordon Toi will do it ) and you come back in NZ in acoustic show, love it!Thanks so much!!
After seing you in England, France ( a lot ), swizerland, i complete my world tour with you !! i will see you in Usa and a lot more of different country!!! French Fan will be represent in Auckland !!!!!
Can't wait for it !!!!!