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First saw you Ben at the 1997 Blues and Roots Festival in Byron BAy, and never get tired of seeing you perform as you always give it all...went to this show as a taster for next year's Bluesfest at Byron with my mate Gav... the Plenary was a new venue for me (and was wonderful), but who could have predicted the glory of the evening; a sublime performance with the encores lasting longer than the main set - loved the way you engaged with the audience Ben, the conversations and response to the audience, especially the touching story about Heath Ledger leading up to 'Morning Yearning'..just a blessing to be present - it felt like we were sitting in your lounge room...thank you

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This concert was the most magical experience of my life. Being a massive fan of Ben's I couldn't help but have the highest expectations. However I would never have anticipated just how amazing it would be. I spent the concert with tears in my eyes, a smile on my face and goose bumps all over. The Plenary as a venue was magnificant, the sound and acoustics were breathtaking. Ben is at a level that most musicians can only dream of being. He is a true artist and a talent that I will be forever grateful to have experienced live and acoustic. You could almost see the music floating through the room. What a blessing!

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Where do start? Awesome show, I finally got to see him play live after too long a wait. Not disappointed in anyway. Even more stoked because I flew into oz from bali just to see the concert - well worth the flying time. I'd love to have this released as a live album.

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Please let there be a live album from this tour!

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Your 3 and half hour acoustic show in Melbourne last night was a true gift - full of love and magic. Just phenomenal! in 1998 I stood in the pouring rain at Glastonbury festival UK and was mesmerized by you - alone on stage - you below my mind and I was never the same again. I never thought I would experience such a wonder again - until last night. Thank you Ben for sharing such an special show, for making me cry and blowing my mind once again. You were simply incredible!!!

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sooooooooooo good!!!!! i want more!!!!!!

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I've actually got one spare ticket to this if anyone missed out. It is a great seat (GALA) and you'd be sitting with a great bunch of people - all mad Harper fans who have been counting the months, weeks and days until tomorrow.

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