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First off, this wasn't your typcial Ben Harper show - it was a blues show - I know I am stating the obvious but...regardless, IMO it was a great set. My only complaint was the one hour wait for them to begin...also it was a bit short - but given that I have been spoiled by his longer sets in the past (I.E. Massey Hall - Oct 2012) and the fact that Charlie is on board, I can certainly forgive them both, haha. Anyway, great night of blues and I was very glad to see Ben turn over the reigns to Charlie so he could sing a few tracks...thank guys

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Enjoy the show tonight, everybody. I'm sure we're in for a fantastic set.

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I got my tickets on pre sale day and in the meantime I got called out of town for work. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn. If you or someone you know is looking for tickets, let me know at I paid $130 for the pair, taxes and shipping included.

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Might be interested - where are the seats located? and where are you located?

Mark (Toronto)

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Mark, sorry for the lack of response... I was expecting to get an email if anyone responded but none came. Anyway, the tickets are for floor general admission, in other words, no seats. To complicate matters, these tickets got lost in the mail. I called the support line and they said that they would convert my order to a Will Call, meaning that I can pick them up at the venue. If you're still interested, I'd have to put your name on the order. I know this sounds like a crap deal but that's what I'm stuck with. Let me know.

Rod, in Brampton

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Yes! Can't wait - DMH is a great venue.

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How do I get presale tickets?

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$14 to ship 2 tickets? Ouch! Come on guys.

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Got my tickets this morning. Can't wait for this show!