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Why not Jordan Richardson?

emanon's picture

I was curious of this, myself.

pjvedder's picture

as well as I...

krahenbuhl19's picture

Great Show Ben and Charlie! Eddie Vedder should have been there too!

Thanks to Jam Productions for the tickets.

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OMG, thank you!! Please emial me at or I'm on Facebook at Sarah Ayers Leveridge. My name is Sarah Leveridge. YES!!!

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Another great night with Ben!

Show audio can be found here:

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Very different that other BH shows I've been too, but a cool show nonetheless. Seeing Charlie Musselwhite up there jamming out at almost 70 years old was a treat.



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Great Show!! Got some great video I will upload soon! To the 52nd show couple, i got you on stage on film :) send me a message

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Dave - Im part of the 52nd show couple - please send to THANK YOU! Sarah Leveridge

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I thought I saw you in line but I wasn't sure -- my teeth were chattering after waiting in line for three hours.

Any chance I'd be able to get a look at the "We Can't End This Way" video? There's a low quality version up on YouTube already (but it cuts out halfway through the song), something higher quality would be cool.

I'm putting up my pictures now.

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Ya it was freakin cold! I looked through the line...I loved this different but so good..

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Got 2 extras if anyone is interested. I can email them. $120 for the pair.

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Extremely excited for this show in such an intimate and historic venue! It will be my first time seeing Ben Harper & I just so happened to look up tour dates the day before pre-sale. Everything happens for a reason! =D

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Not my first time and won't be my last. I've seen him indoors, outdoors, even in a chapel. We're 800 miles away and so looking forward to Ben and Charlie introducing us to the Chicago blues scene.