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Totally Brilliant Gig !!!

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After waiting for 14 years to be able to enjoy Ben Harper live in concert, this did not disappoint.
I have grown up with you Ben, and your music has always been the backdrop of my dreams. It took a while for your voice to enter the realm of reality that night, but it finally did and it was great! There's something really moving about the strength with which your voice can touch your audience. To be honest, the setting was not the most perfect, the acoustic was not the best, yet it worked!
You were truly born to do this, I don't think you could help it even if you tried. You and Mr Musselwhite transported us to another place that night, away from the dreary "let's pretend everything's pink" attitude of our generation, into a world where sorrow and hurt are not reduced to pity, but can be meaningful, right there, in a voice that breaks and a playful harmonica. Maybe this is all pure imagination, maybe this was not the intention... But then again, that's exactly what music can do, right?
Thanks for the show, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite!

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Although I have been a fan of Ben's since I first heard Strawberry Fields on the 'I Am Sam' soundtrack in 2001, this is the first time I have been able to see him live. His performance was spell binding and mesmerising and it remains at the forefront of my head days later. His talents of song writing, singing, playing guitar and putting on a show know no bounds. Charlie and the band were excellent too. He is one of the artists who inspired me to start learning the guitar in my 40s and he didn't disappoint in any respect. Fantastic night! Hope he comes back to the UK soon.

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brilliant brilliant night.
as good as it gets....

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This may be too late but if you got your ticket from Ticketweb you will find your details there with the ticket details & you should be able to print again.

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I was going but organisers say Im NOT ALOUD!!!!!!
I got these tickets for me and my wife in mid March and was sooooo excited to see Ben and Charlie.
But I have just been told that after finding out the tickets are in Devon 5 hours drive away that they will not provide me with tickets at the door!!!!!
They would rather we pump 300 miles of driving fuel into the planet to collect tickets at wrong address rather than print 2 more tickets!
Even after showing proof of purchase and identification.
Very disappointed with these organisers not very helpful at all.
Sorry Ben maybee next time.

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so looking forward to this:

martin, tracy, george and tracy's mum all going....

can't wait

Tonight's the night!!!!!!
Heading off soon.....

btw think that guy in the other comment means "allowed" not "aloud"

after the show:
- utterly brilliant
wonderful night