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Amazing show ben! That was some good rock and roll/blues fusion you layed on us last night. 1LOVE !

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As always Ben Harper never fails to have an amazing show! :) I love seeing Ben Harper live. Thanks for another amazing night! Come back to NC more often Charlotte and Asheville love your music! Gracias!

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Great show. Ben finally came to Charlotte.

Set List -
Get Up! (nice harmonica by Charlie here)
I Don't Believe a Word You Say
The Blues Overtook Me (Great Song)
Don't Look Twice
When it's Good
She Got Kick
I'm In I'm Out I'm Gone (strong performance)
Blood Side Out (good rocker)
Homeless Child (Charlie M. sang lead)
I Ride At Down
I'm Goin' Home
Long Distance Call (someone else's mule has been kickin in her stall - ha)
When The Levee Breaks (another good one - of course - Ben likes to cover Zep, and with good reason)
We Can't End This Way
Long Legged Woman
You Found Another Lover
All That Matters Now (Ben did the unmiced thing here)

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