lspinney49226's picture

AMAZING as always. Thank you Ben!

davidw122415106's picture

Awesome set list, love that it was just Ben!

musicalyoganaut's picture

Loved it

chase 29's picture

Never a doubt!!! If you left there not feeling better about everything in the world - Sorry!! Brother you continue to pour out your heart and soul and make everyone feel like such a part of the show. 3 hrs - thank you for an incredible evening. Portland you're an amazing city - some of the nicest people I have ever met.

twashton2105's picture

Such an amazing show. Left feeling inspired and with more love in my heart than when I arrived. Is it possible to get a quality recording?

1665956724@facebook's picture

Such an amazing show! Never wanted it to end !

Brian Dennis's picture

This man really does make the world a better place with his own two hands. And voice.
He gave it up for portland last night. He played so late for us, like he would never stop if we kept pouring out the appreciation.
There was a song my girl and I had never heard before, something like "I don't know how / don't give up on me now" that we loved.
The piano playing!!! totally awesome!!! I can't believe every time he picks up that lap steel, new beauty comes out!
And the closer, man the closer- Hallelujia !!

I'll never forget this special night - what a righteous person, such beautiful music... its good to be alive

buckeyes16's picture

We are here in Portland from Columbus Ohio to see Ben! We also traveled to the North Hampton Mass show last year and it was amazing! Very excited for tonight!

chase 29's picture

did not have any problems getting tix. we are traveling from TN to spend the weekend in portland for our 25th - with the guy my wife has deemed is just the "right amount of famous"!!!
just saw the show at the ryman in nashville - looking forward to a great evening!!!

SOLAT319's picture

I was out of the country with no internet access when these west coast shows were announced. So I missed out on getting tickets. If anyone has an extra I would be forever grateful.

beckyt18's picture

Super Disappointed!!
I logged on yesterday to buy presale tix for the Portland show and it said they wouldn't be available until TODAY (the 7th) at 11am! I log on only to find out they've been sold-out?!?!? I just had a beautiful baby and my 5th wedding anniversary is on November 15th...WAS going to be a super special night as Ben was the first show my hubby and I saw together! SUPER BUMMED!! Been a fan of Ben's since Reggae on the River back in '96 where I met him backstage!! Hoping I get tickets elsewhere but really wanted to share how bummed I am! Pre-sale at the Schnitzer SUCKS!!...same thing happened with Jack J last month but I was one of the lucky ones who actually got tickets to that show!
Thanks for letting me vent!

phearmart's picture

Were you able to go? I bought two tickets online on Oct. 29 just fine, and there were definitely tickets still available the night of the show.

steven's picture

How many times are we supposed to have to check the websites each day for changes??
We also did not get to participate in the portland presale because yesterday we were told it would take place on the 7th at 10am local time.
One hour later the presale started. How rude!

philipnavarre7811's picture

should be a good show!

steven's picture

We were fooled by the last minute presale changes...
And why did they only announce the changes on f book?
Super dissapointed!