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Ben I had the pleasure of attending both Portland & Seattle shows. Last nite was Lovely, amazing and inspiring, thank you! However, I felt Seattle didn't get the same love that was given to Portland. As a Seattleite I'm so grateful in being able to take a jaunt to Portland.

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Drove down from Vancouver for the most amazing night of Ben. Thank you for your beautiful voice, inspirational message and most of all taking the time to talk to 2 crazy people on the street. You are incredible. We will never forget it.

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Show was unbelievable, blew away my expectations!

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Amazing performance. I have never been more moved at a show. The sincere emotions Ben expressed on stage allowed the music he created to touch each soul in the room. What a breathtaking experience. Thank you.

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Last night's show was amazing. We took our 22 month old son to his first concert and he loved it. He was standing up and dancing in the parent box! What an amazing way to spend our 3rd anniversary...with Ben Harper and watching our son enjoy live music!

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I came home, turned off the lights, opened my window and sat in the dark in order hone in on my aural memory of this experience.
I knew I was already eager and joyous to hear Ben Harper perform, what I didn't know was how moved to tears I would be.
Beautiful, moving, inspiring, heartfelt and so much more.
You spoke with us on so many levels.
Switching between a variety of stringed instruments accompanied by only your voice, you moved the whole audience. Song after song with stories in between.
You also literally talked to us as well. Continually conversed with us, the audience, and responded to banter. You built us up.
Thank you for pouring your heart out on that stage, and please, please. please come back to Seattle soon.

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Thank you for describing last night's experience! I felt the same, with no way to express it.

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Thanks for the awesome show Ben. Simply fantastic! Ben! Ben! Ben! Ben!

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Hello! Does anyone know the camera / photography policy for the show tonight?

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I accidentally deleted my email with the presale offer and its gone. How can I get the code?

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