11.14.13 San Francisco, CA

Davies Symphony Hall with No Opening Act

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Charlie Musselwhite sat in for the first encore.

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PubN'Sub J's picture

Thank you so much, what a show, what a venue, what a great in the moment experience, hardly anyone even needed shooshing. Please, please, please do that again sometime.

MysticMorning's picture

Great show BROTHER BEN... As always thank you for giving us so much and keeping it REAL... Your dedication to music as an art and to being an authentic and positive person is more than inspiring. You know you always got a home in SF! Your music stirs something deeper inside us... Makes us quest towards knowing ourselves jus a little better each day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.... Be well and thanks again for rocking SF brother!

Soundwaveridah's picture

Not too many acts out their that can't step into a symphony hall and fill the room with sounds that the symphony musicians themselves would applaud. And to do so with a humble, positive, kind, respectful, funny, heartfelt and proud presence made the show truly, truly enjoyable. The mix of acoustic renditions was as always, incredible, but for me seeing Charlie and Ben jam a few numbers was a welcomed surprise as I did not get to see the most recent tour. And, on behalf of the terrace section behind the stage, we thank you Ben for the intinamate serenade! I thought for a second last night that the show should have been recorded and sold for the world to hear, but actually that show was special and was reserved for San Fran. One.

margins's picture

has anyone been able to nab seats in the loge section of davies hall, either through the site's presale or today's (another planet entertainment/kfog)? i missed the presale through the site a couple days ago, just got on through another planet entertainment, but it seems like they're not releasing loge seats as yet (all other sections, yes; loge, no). i'm hoping to find seats there, as opposed to orchestra or first/second tiers (really enjoy being in the lowermost balcony, as close to the center as possible, for ben's shows at theaters/halls of this nature), and just wondering if loge seats are only being released through the general sale tomorrow (friday, 8/16). then again, i did already see some loge seats on stubhub, though mostly in side sections. anyone have any clues? assuming i should just wait on the general sale tomorrow, but don't want to miss them if they're up for grabs today...

Iamthebbb's picture

Yeah they are definitely releasing them because I turned a few Loge seats down before finally settling on the ones that I bought. I saw seats in Loge H Row A which would have been dead center front row but I preferred to be closer to the stage so I got Loge A row A. Good luck!

margins's picture

you got those through this site's presale, or through today's (another planet entertainment/kfog)? if today's, how were you able to select loge seats? that whole section doesn't show up as available for me. thanks for any advice you can offer...

Iamthebbb's picture

I didn't select Loge I just left it on Best Available. I saw numerous seats in the Orchestra, Box, Loge and 1st Tier both center stage and on the sides. Can't explain why they aren't showing up now. My guess would be that all of the pre-sale tickets in that particular section were purchased.

margins's picture

thanks for the support. turns out that even though they weren't allowing buyers to select the loge section, it would come up as the best seats available for a purchase of three tickets. i tried two tickets, four tickets, all the other options actually, and none of them would offer up loge seats. so i went with three, and picked loge h, row b, pretty much dead center, just as i was hoping for. had read a couple reviews of the concert hall on yelp suggesting that each of the first rows in the center sections of loge, first tier, and second tier has obstructed views because of security railings (head's up to those of you still looking for tix, and potentially tempted to jump on first row seats!). accordingly, i repeatedly threw back the loge h, row a seats i was offered (likely the same ones you turned down earlier) and eventually got loge h, row b. excellent. appreciate your responses today, helped me out a bunch. looks like we were both at last fall's philly and nyc gigs too... if this one remotely resembles either of those shows (which it should), we're in for a treat. i'm planning on hitting the l.a. show at disney concert hall as well, that place looks bananas! alright, now november can't come quick enough! enjoy the gig, once we get there...

Iamthebbb's picture

The Carnegie Hall show was definitely one to remember. I called the box office right when the tickets went on sale and was able to get front row center tickets which were unbelievable. I am also going to the show in Claremont and Santa Barbara. I am expecting good things from the West Coast acoustic tour. Enjoy the shows.

gtrplyr's picture

I don't understand how people have such a hard time with these. Initially it said there were no tix, so I tried again and got 2. Came back a few minutes later and tried a few times and ended up with 2 more that are even better seats. *shrug*

I saw nothing about multiple orders being cancelled, so I hope they dont cancel my tix.

Iamthebbb's picture

Got on with everyone else right at 10 and had two tickets in Orchestra Left Row M and thought I could get better seats so I tossed them back. Never saw another pair. Will have to wait for the public onsale.

LBM's picture

Same here! I tried to get 2 tickets, but couldn't so tried for at least 1. After several tries I got 1 ticket, but didn't take it because I really need 2. Total disappointment for a pre-sale!

Iamthebbb's picture

Just checked again and there are a few random single tickets still popping up. Keep trying and maybe someone might have cancelled an order. Good luck everyone

uffthestuff's picture

I was on for 2 hours before refreshing every minute up until 10 am got in when it first opened and wouldnt let me buy any. REALLY LAME

laralu's picture

what's up with the pre-sale?

uffthestuff's picture

Anyone know presale info for ticketmaster on Thursday?

asalazar@gmail.com's picture

What kind of presale is this when at 10am sharp, there are no tickets available. Extremely disappointing....

bellacuore999's picture

Wow. Went on exactly at 10am and they said they had no tickets. What is the purpose of a presale? Very frustrating,

hgutfeld's picture

Seriously, it told me there was nothing available less than 30 seconds after 10:00! I had gotten excited to celebrate my Birthday by going, but now I'm totally discouraged.