11.16.13 San Diego, CA

Copley Symphony Hall with No Opening Act

I Was There
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An Acoustic Evening with Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Copley Symphony Hall - San Diego, CA

Encore 1

Encore 2

Charlie Musselwhite sat in for the first encore. Ben's mom Ellen sat in on "City of Dreams" and "Born to Love You."

Who Went

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Jennifer4benharper's picture

I had the privilege of marking a square off on my bucket list, this was my first opportunity to get to experience Ben live in person. I couldn't of been more awe struck by the breath taking talent displayed in front of me. Yes, my first but definitely not my last show. Thank you for bringing the last 20 years of your brilliant and meaningful music alive for me.

Sincerely grateful,
J. Lopez

nickw22@hotmail.com's picture

Is there a way to get a video of that show? That was one of the best shows I've ever attended. What an awesome night!!! Thanks Ben!!!

inlovewithbensmusic's picture

I can say that I am still remembering the night. Ben touched my soul! I loved the acoustic night. Ben does not need a band to back him. He was amazing and I feel blessed that I was able to be there.
I grew up going to concerts. I saw the WHO in San Francisco with The Dead opening on my 8th birthday. Keith Moon was drumming, and I was right below Roger Daltrey. Going to see Ben Harper compares to the same level in my mind!!!
Thank you, Ben for sharing your soul and touching mine. Danie-Ann

yield151's picture

Well this was an interesting show. Ben was amazing as always but I must say this was the worst Ben show I have been to. The crowd was so rude and obnoxious it made for a very displeasing night. To the guy who continuously kept screaming "Please Bleed", yes the performance was beautiful and I was happy to hear the song, but the constant screaming of your request for him to play it was unnecessary. You have to know when to stop. Also, there was a lady who kept screaming "See you Thursday", yes we all hope Ben shows up to the Pearl Jam show, but there is no need to continuously yell at the guy. People continued to yell at him in the middle of songs, which is rude and inappropriate. This wasn't a rock concert, it was an intimate show although it seemed these idiot screamers forgot that. I am embarrassed for my city in the way Ben was treated. Ben himself handled it well though it was obvious he was annoyed at times. I understand that people are going to be rude as there is usually that one guy in every crowd who just had one too many beverages. This show however was full of idiots and I hope Ben doesn't hold it against us. The set list itself was great, Ben seemed really dark which made for some great stories. I was happy to see Ellen show up, I always enjoy them together. I just feel bad some idiots kept screaming in the middle of her singing. Anyway, Ben never disappoints and I can't wait to see him again. Hopefully next time he tries to do an intimate acoustic show the drunk idiots forget to show up.

Thank you Ben and I apologize for the behavior of the crowd that night, some people just don't get it.

divinei's picture

As always, a great show. Charlie and Mama Harper were real treats. The energy of the show was ardent, and I feel blessed to have been there. Mutual appreciation of the man and his fans.

mleeds00711844's picture

This show was AMAZING!!! I have seen Ben about 15 times and have never seen an acoustic solo show... I have been waiting years for this, and it was worth every minute of the wait! The highlight of the night was when I kept yelling my request from the balcony for "PLEASE BLEED" everytime it got quiet. He finally acknowledged my request by saying "I havent played that on in a long time, and I will play it if you promise to stop yelling it" hahaha which I then yelled "I promise, except for whipping boy too" he then told me "Nope, you only get one!" lol then he went right into playing a spot on, emotion filled version of "PLEASE BLEED" it was AWESOME!!! I had been watching all the set lists leading up to this night and he had not played it the entire tour! THANK YOU SO MUCH BEN!!! YOU ARE DA MAN! Thanks again for giving me the Mic at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles many years ago to help you sing Black Rain a few years ago! :)


gem29577's picture

Thank you for an amazing show, Ben! I have been seeing your shows since 1995 and this show by far has been the most intimate you have ever done with the audience. Still blown away by your show after all these years.

515763478@facebook's picture

ive been waiting sooooooo long to see Ben live, since im in the military the dates have never worked out untill now!! i can not begin to explain the joy and excitement i feel about going to this show!!!!

517402877@facebook's picture

Does anyone know the code to buy pre-sale tickets on Ticketmaster? I tried buying tickets via the fanclub pre-sale 2 days ago but they were literally sold out @ 10am and now i cant access the ticketmaster pre-sale. Help! :(