11.18.13 Los Angeles, CA

Walt Disney Concert Hall with No Opening Act

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An Acoustic Evening with Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles, CA

Encore 1

Charlie Musselwhite sat in for the first encore. Ben's mom Ellen played two songs with him in the second encore.

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Ben made the claim on this night that he didn't deserve all of this, a seeming reference to the adoring audience who gathered for this amazing performance at the Disney Concert Hall, and if not for the spellbound state of trance that his music had placed me in, I would have shouted back with vigor, "OH YES, YOU DO!" Ben has put in his time, and it rings out with every note he plays (even the rare few he misses!), the passion, the love, the pain, his music is saturated with emotion and feeling.

This show was no exception, the man was master of his craft and worked the Concert Hall like no other performer I have witnessed at this venue. Owned it. Thank you Ben, thank you also for bringing your mother on stage and sharing her beautiful voice. What a treat. All the best brother.


If anyone has a recording of this show, I would be grateful to save a copy for my personal reflection.

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What a beautiful show! I was so glad to be once again reminded of the transformative power of music, especially at the Disney Concert Hall (only my second time there – and so excited to be listening to Ben’s music in there!). The way the sound waves bounce off of all those surfaces inside the hall really swim around inside one’s head causing all kinds of wonderful, crazy, surprising effects. Especially the song “Hallelujah” really seemed to melt down all the walls and made me feel like I was sitting in my chair, floating in the sky: I felt like I was on drugs, but I was NOT!

I was so happy to have made it to the show, but I know I will be extremely sad to see all of the songs that I missed -- since I wasn’t able to arrive and sit down in my seat until the opening words of “LifeLine” – but such is the way of life. At least I still felt fully satisfied to have watched a full show from that point on – with the two encores and the many insights, humorous interjections, and audience conversations from Ben. I could on and on about how wonderful and beautiful and impressive the show was, but those are just words. Overall, I felt like Ben was in his element: happy and well-adjusted. I left with a deep gratitude for the evening and deep respect for the man….wishing this was some kind of a regular gig to look forward to every once in a while.

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I have 1 Front Row Center ticket ROW B for tonight's show.

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Does anyone have one ticket to sell? Please message me ... thanks so much!!!

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I have a great ticket. Face value. Let me know.

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I Have 2 tickets to sell-
Section: ORCE
Row: F

Selling at face value- $65 each.

Message me if interested!

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Hi Melanie. I sent you an email the other day & am checking in to see if you still have one ticket available. If you could kindly let me know either way I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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Hi. Do you still the tix? If so, how would I get them from you?

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I'm traveling in from Colorado. Looking for 1 ticket. Please message me if you have an extra! Much love! Denise

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Wow, concert on our wedding anniversary on 11/18.. Wanted to take my better half there but tickets are sold out. Found some on stubhub but can't afford resale prices :(... I can still dream..

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Hello everyone,
I was out of the country with no access to internet when these tickets went on sale. I would be forever grateful if someone offer me an extra, I just need one ticket. Thanks so much.

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Hi Everyone,

I have two tickets that are separated from each other that I need to sell. I have my ticket for the show but after I got seat envy. Now I have two tickets to sell. Please note that they are two single tickets. I cannot refund them through Ticketmaster but I am able to "Transfer" them to another Ticketmaster account holder. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Or if you know how I can sell these online, I'd appreciate any ideas.

Thank you!

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Hi, how much is a ticket? Are u still selling any? Thanks- Jay

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Aloha Diana,
Hey there. Hope all is amazing for you. I'm not to sure if you still have any tickets, but if you do, I'd love to pick one up from you. I only need one and that would be amazing if you have them. You can contact me via email @ rkteanio@live.com. Thank you so very much and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


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I need a ticket! I decided I could make the trip today and missed the on sale. I only need one and have a ticketmaster account. You can email me at jamespj20@gmail.com Thanks!!

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What's up with no tix available within the first 2 min's, but someone scores orchestra seats an hour later? Seems odd. Be grateful for those seats!

Hoping we'll still be able to get some regular seats when they go on sale Friday.

Does anyone know the TM "offer code" for pre-sale tix? It shows there are still some available but can't find it an the one on this site doesn't work.

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I just cracked the (not so secret) code on Ticketmaster and scored two tix for the show @ Disney Concert Hall.

Apparently KCRW is offering pre-sale tickets, too. And they have some good seats left!

The magic password is... (drum roll please)...yep, KCRW.

Get on it before they're all gone! Woot. Woot.

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FOUR SoCal acoustic shows in two weeks!?!?!?!?! With the coup-de-grace in my backyard (LA)?!?!?!?!?!

Thank you, good sir. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Best news ever.

The B family will be at every single one of these shows.

November to remember.

Holy frijoles!

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good luck getting a seat! ridiculous

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Yeah, how were there 0 tickets available at 10am sharp?

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Sold out already?! Argh!

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Ended up checking for almost an hour and snagged orchestra tickets. Keep at it!