05.10.14 Florence, Italy

Teatro Verdi di Firenze

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after some months I finally get to ben's gig
in july 2013 when he came at pistoia blues festival I was working in the crew and despite all I wasn't able to listen the performance with charlie musselwhite and relentless7 even tough I met ben after show and I told him how it has been important as someone like a special witness for my love story with my wife.
so he wrote a verse of "she's only happy" with my guitar, that accidentally broke in two... but ben knows well how to fix it!!! ;-)
so my wife took tickets for "acoustic evening" and after a while (because of two small children running in the house) we were able to get out for an evening and see this gig.
it was simply fantastic, and even if it's my 6th ben's concert (1999 - pistoia, 2000 - florence, 2003 - florence, 2004 - pisa, 2006 - pistoia plus 2013, pistoia) I think it was the best I've ever seen.
now I think know people who take care of everything to make sure everything goes right behind the curtains, so I have to say "thank you for that beautiful show" obviously to ben, hellen and all the crew (no names but they know who I 'm talking about).

all of you will be always welcome in pistoia!!!
wish to see, work and meet all of you again!!

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i know it is going to be an amazing concert!
a presto Ben

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I'm so pumped for this show! I'm an American living in Bosnia. Will be there for the weekend. If anyone is interested in hanging out before the show, grabbing some food and some drinks, let me know. I'm heading to Florence solo. What a fantastic birthday gift. This will be fantastic!