05.15.14 Grenoble, France

Le Summum

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davidfra73's picture

We've spent a so nice time with Ben! Seeing Ben and listening his music gived to us a great moment of hapiness and pleasure!!!

Dignou's picture

Great, Magic. Ben is a miracle !

StephaneL's picture

Thank you so much for your show Ben. See you next year.

cyrilius4's picture

Pretty good show but most annoying crowd ever :

- clapping
- request, just let him play what he wants, it's a not karaoke party
- photos, too many, all those iPhones in the air made me blind, while the light was actually perfect
- the guy next to me spent 20 minutes sorting his photos with a "bip" every time he hits a button. He seemed surprised when i asked him to stop

I still wonder why people go to a show to take hundreds of pictures with a shitty camera. Couldn't they just enjoy the show and listen.

Whatever, i might sound grumpy but i just wanted to sit, relax, listen. Some people didn't see it this way.

Baobab62's picture

I'm soooo excited about tonight! I have notice that you played Power of the Gospel on this tour, may I ask for it tonight? I am praying for you to play it, that song was the reason I began playing guitar in the first place! (Not an easy choice I know, but I can play it now!! )

The first and last time I saw you live was in Osheaga festival in Montreal in 2006. I worked on the festival for the whole week in order to see you, I did not have enough money to buy the ticket back then!

Now I will get to see you tonight and I got tickets on the floor !!! :D Oh happy day!!!!

See you tonight! :D


StephaneL's picture

Ben Harper, Grenoble welcomes you, its mountains embrace you and its people will cheer for you tonight. Thank you for coming to us.

cyrilius4's picture

I have a spare ticket if someone needs it.
Just contact. I sale it the same price i bought

StephaneL's picture

Ben, you're honoring us in coming to Grenoble. We'll try to give you back what you will give us with your music. As a fan of your music and your songs, I am nothing but honest. Looking forward to Thursday evening. Stéphane

Corentin Lefebvre's picture

Hello! I have two ticket to sale for this show! If someone is interested, let me know!

o.pouwels10414's picture

Tks Ben to come back again in Grenoble.....
i will be there

OscarSalgado's picture

Ben please come to Barcelona! your music is magic, I was at the concert at Cap Roig in Calella was fantastic! Please you're amazing

Dignou's picture

It was so great and amazing.