The Will To Live

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Limited edition specially marked 2-CD initial Australian pressings of "The Will To Live" included a five-song CD called "The Down Under Tour EP" with four songs recorded during the spring 1997 tour of Australia and one song from the 1996 summer tour opening for Dave Matthews Band. It was reissued a year later with one additional track as The Will To Live: Plus The Will To Live Bonus EP.

The live EP is different than The Will To Live: Live EP and exclusive to the Australian "The Will To Live" 2-CD releases.

Errata: "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" mislabeled as "Voodoo Chile." Front sticker says 6 songs instead of 5 and says they were recorded in Australia and NZ, when in fact they were recorded in Australia and Saratoga Springs, NY.

Release date approximate. Disc 1: 7243 8 44178 2 6, Disc 2: 7243 8 44515 2 3


  • Plus The Down Under Tour EP
  • Format: 2xCD
  • Total runtime: 53:19/26:13
  • Released Jun 15, 1997
  • Virgin Records America 7243 8 44514 2 4
  • Australia 8445142

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