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2 LP white vinyl edition

Lowell George is my musical hero and one of the main reasons I play steel guitar. I am extremely honored to be a part of this tribute album to him, proceeds from which benefit Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

01. Trouble - Mike Viola
02. Cold, Cold, Cold - Joachim Cooder
03. Long Distance Love - Elvis Costello
04. Heartache - Bedouine
05. I've Been The One - Bhi Bhiman
06. Rock 'n' Roll Doctor - Miles Tackett
07. Be One Now - Lady Blackbird
08. Love Needs A Heart - Madison Cunningham
09. Easy To Slip - Jonah Tolchin
10. Dixie Chicken - Eleni Mandell and Milo Jones
11. Roll Um Easy - Ben Harper
12. Lafayette Railroad - Larry Goldings
13. 6 Feet Of Snow - Jack Shit
14. Cheek To Cheek - Gaby Moreno
15. Two Trains Running - Chris Seefried
16. China White - Chris Stills
17. A Apolitical Blues - Dave Alvin
18. Feats Don't Fail Me Now - Sugaray Rayford
19. Sailin' Shoes - Taylor Goldsmith
20. Spanish Moon - Inara George
21. Rocket In My Pocket - Sam Morrow
22. Willin' - Jonathan Wilson
23. Teenage Nervous Breakdown - The Bird and the Bee
24. Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie - Andras Jones
25. 20 Million Things To Do - Gus Seyffert

Lowell George was the guitar virtuoso, vocalist, and songwriter for Little Feat. In this collection of 25 songs, artists such as Elvis Costello, Ben Harper, and Dave Alvin interpret and perform his diverse catalog. George, born in Hollywood, California, was a member of Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Inventions before leaving that band and forming Little Feat with Bill Payne. Lowell’s tenure in the band was for 7 years until his death, and in that time, they released eight albums. While George died in 1979, his legacy lives on through this album. In this new double LP, Sweet Relief, the organization that provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet, has come up with a gem.


  • Format: 2xLP
  • Total runtime: 83:37
  • Released May 17, 2024
  • Flatiron Recordings 810137040356
  • United States FLAT 2007 LP

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BEN HARPER: Guitar, Vocals

INARA GEORGE: Background Vocals



Recorded at the Carriage House LA

Mastered by GAVIN LURSSEN and REUBEN COHEN at Lurssen Mastering