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"Thank Me In The Morning," originally a web exclusive download to celebrate 1 million likes on Facebook, is now available on "The Many Are One: A Beating Drums Compilation."

01. Horsedreamer - Bolder
02. Ben Harper - Thank Me In The Morning
03. BKO Quintet feat Piers Faccini - Donsolu
04. William Patrick Duncan - Calliope
05. Emily Barker - Harbour
06. Gnut - L'Amore Succede
07. Jenny Lysander - Lavender Philosophy
08. Yelli Yelli - Ddunit Tentar
09. Jasser Haj Youssef - Eternal Cirlces
10. Les Fils Du Calvaire - Le Jeu Du Foulard
11. Dawn Landes - Fair And Tender Ladies
12. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino - Munti Munti
13. Dom La Nena - Anjo Gabriel
14. Piers Faccini - Keep Me
15. Guy Blakeslee - Told Myself

The Many Are One is a compilation curated by songwriter Piers Faccini and released on his own label Beating Drum.

Faccini, acclaimed over the years in his own music for having blended diverse and cross-cultural influences has compiled a collection of tracks that weaves a mesmerising journey between continents, languages and musical styles.

Inviting old friends and collaborators for the record from various corners of the earth, the record introduces the notion of an inter-connected global 21st century folk music scene. If songs were landscapes, the album would takes us from the city to the plains and from the metropolis to the mountains and deserts and into the oceans beyond.

The album showcases the craft of many remarkable songwriters and musicians. Unreleased and exclusive to the compilation are tracks by Ben Harper, Dawn Landes, Emily Barker, young Swedish songwriting prodigy Jenny Lysander, Horsedreamer (Roger Robinson of King Midas Sound's solo venture) and Les Fils du Calvaire, the French language incarnation of electro producers dOP, to name but a few.

There are also tracks on the compilation by several artists signed to Beating Drum whose songs are produced, arranged and often co written by Faccini. Horsedreamer, Yelli Yelli and Jenny Lysnader make up the collaborative projects that the label intends for release in 2015, while the Brazilian Dom La Nena and Neapolitan Gnut, whose debut albums Faccini also produced, provide songs.

If The Many Are One were a mask, it would be one that transforms in shape and colour with each voice that sings through it. A mask of many tongues, English, French, Kabyle, Bambara, Salentino, Napoletano and Portuguese spin a kaleidoscopic blend of voices and languages throughout the compilation. The album also highlights a rich variety of traditional and instrumental sounds. There are Malian n'gonis in BKO Quintet's Dunsolu, a solo viole d'amour played by the Tunisian virtuoso Jasser Haj Youssef's as well as the polyphonic vocals and pipes of the southern Italians Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino.


  • Format: Vinyl
  • Total runtime: 51:49
  • Released Dec 08, 2014
  • Beating Drum Records 3 521381 531268
  • France BEADR0009

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