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From the press release:

All aboard is the rallying call for action as the storm of climate disruption and the devastation of the natural world gathers pace. The song is inspired by trance rhythms from the Mediterranean, from southern Italy to the Maghreb, these rhythms help us heal, to go from darkness and fear to hope and light.

Drawing on the fable of Noah and the ark, Piers Faccini uses the myth to draw a parallel with today's environmental crisis, "all aboard” to protect and save! What better way to accompany this call to action than two of the finest and most soulful voices in music today, the American singer songwriter Ben Harper and the Moroccan master of Gnawa music and tradition, Abdelkebir Merchane. The song features Faccini's guitar oud, a hybrid fretless instrument and the guembri, a traditional North African instrument, somewhere between a double bass and a fretless guitar as well as the metal hand percussion, the large metal castanets known as karkabous. Faccini, having made of his songs over the years a cross cultural dialogue, defies categorisation, somewhere between Folk songwriting, World Music rhythms.


  • Format: Digital
  • Total runtime: 3:31
  • Released Mar 17, 2021