• Format: Digital
  • Total runtime: 3:52
  • Released Jul 14, 2017
  • Surf Road Records 1254609645


From Tom's Facebook post:

I've been doing this song at my shows since 2008 on my trusty ukulele. Pete Townshend wrote a beautiful poem of a song . . . a sound sentiment. Here it is with my bestie Ben Harper featured on vocals and his awesome lap steel guitar playing! We've played it "live" in various corners of the world, from the Alps of Italy to the lower Manhattan subterranean. This year felt like the right time to lay it down in the studio. Also featured is Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley, St Vincent) on drums, Rob Calder (Passenger, Angus and Julia Stone) on bass and Tom on everything else (including harmonium... "ohm"). Please give "Let My Love Open The Door" a spin and if you "like" or even "love" it, please share away - It will mean the world to me!! And you can even Buy on iTunes and own a snippet of history. Also Stream on iTunes And SHARE everywhere!