All My Heart Can Take

Working Title


Written by

Ben Harper

Original Artist

Ben Harper

"All My Heart Can Take" is a working title for a suite of songs in various configurations that would become "Winter Is For Lovers." A portion of it was played as a configuration known as "Mutt." On its own, it was originally just "Verona."

When played as "Mutt," it featured a suite of "Brittany," "Montreal," "Bizanet," and "Brittany (Reprise)."

When played as "All My Heart Can Take/Mutt" the sequence went "Verona," "Brittany," "Montreal," "Bizanet," "Verona (Reprise)."

The most recent configuration of "All My Heart Can Take" went "Toronto," "Verona," "Brittany," "Montreal," "Bizanet," "Toronto (Reprise)."

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