Fight Outta You

Written by

Harper / Ward / Nelson / Yates / Charles / Mobley

Original Artist

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

they'll look you in the eyes and
stone you
then turn and disown you
they'll walk all over your name
'til they find someone else
to blame
secrets hide their lies
inside hidden alibis
they put the world on a hook
it's worse every time i look

it will be in your honor
'til you're not needed any longer
don't believe the headlines
check it for yourself sometimes
the lies you live become you
the love you lose it numbs you
they say that you've arrived
that's just a high class bribe

there's always someone younger
someone with more hunger
they'll say you're one and only
then straight up leave you lonely
like a transplant patient
waiting for a donor
like a half empty balloon
after a party in the corner

i would rather take a punch
than not give you a shot
i'd rather find out who you are
than who you're not
shoulda known better
than to mistake business for love
shoulda known better
than to mistake a fist for a glove

don't let them take the fight
outta you

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