I Ride At Dawn

Written by

Harper / Ingalls

Original Artist

Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite

Like my father
And his father
And his father before
Watched the soil burn with fire
War after war
Done things I didn't know I could
For the common good
Tomorrow I ride at dawn

Give a man a hundred years
He'll want a hundred more
Give him a hundred choices
And he still chooses war
From Salem poor to Genghis Kahn
Tomorrow I ride at dawn

I was born for battle
I was born to bleed
I was born to help those
Who have dreams of being free
Mother stop your crying
Sister dry your eyes
You'll hear my medals ringing
From Shreveport to Sheberghan
Tomorrow I ride at dawn

At first light I march to battle
Not my own life but my brothers I must save
And when you hear those pipes and drummers
You'll know I marched to glory or proudly to my grave
Tell my loved ones they must carry on
Tomorrow I ride at dawn

Dedicated to SO2 (Navy SEAL) Nicholas P. Spehar

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