Working Title

Loving You Is My Masterpiece

Written by

Ben Harper

Original Artist

Ben Harper

Could paint the sun and the moon and the stars
Straight down from the sky
Carve your likeness in stone
Down to the light that shines in your eyes
Build a church in your honor
Stained glass windows facing east
Loving you is my masterpiece

Love you for who you are
I love you for who you may never be
From downtown all the way up to 142nd Street
And all of my possessions
Mean less than the very least
Loving you is my masterpiece

There's no time like now
There's no place like here
So throw your loving arms around me dear
And I'll lean on you like a beggar
Leans upon the moonlit street
Loving you is my masterpiece

Originally written for the Rickie Lee Jones album "The Devil You Know," but later recorded by Ben for "Wide Open Light."

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