The Woman In You

Written by

Ben Harper

Original Artist

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

Could've sworn I heard you say amen this morning
Showing some kind of sign that you believe
Did it fall from your tongue without warning
Or just another trick to fall from your sleeve
Did I hear you say that you believe in angels
I guess I bring the devil out in you
But we can both remove our halos
'Cause even an angel needs love too
Even angels needs love too

The woman in you is the worry in me

Some things never change
Some things never stay the same
But you're so innocent
I'll take all the blame
How I hate to remember
For that means the day is past
Sometimes I wonder if I know her
Or if I really need to ask

The woman in you is the worry in me

Half a man walks with no shadow
Of life he utters his distaste
No apology is expected
Love carved sorry in his face

The woman in you is the worry in me

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