Where Did We Go Wrong

Written by

Ben Harper

Original Artist

Ben Harper

Was it the last time
Or the time before
Not sure what comes first
The wager or the war
To dismantle or detonate the bomb
Where did we go wrong

Straight talk only
Accept no substitute
Must be lonely
Living in absolute
It's an emergency
Try to remain calm
Where did we go wrong

Lost all perspective
Nowhere to take aim
With new marching orders
To find someone else to blame
They stormed the castle
But the king turned out to be a pawn
Where did we go wrong

So long so wrong

Cold sits in my bones
I forget how to be warm
So far from home
I forget what it is to be born
Was the fruit on the tree too long
Where did we go wrong

Performed By:

Ben Harper – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Leon Mobley – Percussion
Chris Joyner – Keyboards
Jimmy Paxson – Drums, Additional Percussion

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