03 Dec 1993

Rennes, France

Transmusicales Festival

Friday, December 3, 1993 at 11:30pm CET

The 15th annual Transmusicales Festival was a multi-day event jam packed with music from Dread Zone, Bjork, Suede, Jamiroquai, Grant Lee Buffalo and 50+ others. American singer/songwriter/pianist A.J. Croce kicked off the evening's entertainment. Ben and band took the stage next, surrounded by an extensive collection of antique guitars, in what would be his first ever gig outside of the United States. Morphine, rising to the stage at 4am, jammed a powerful set and were cheered back for three encores by about 1,000 fans. By 5:30am, musicians and public were face to face, neither wishing to be the first to leave. What a night. This was Ben's first gig outside the U.S. and thinking back on the night, Ben reflects, "...people really were into it, it was incredible. It really stands out, I mean it really stands out as a memory... as just something that's really special." (from 7/18/99 interview.) TVR (TV Rennes - Brittany) broadcast excerpts of the show. Watch "By And By I'm Goin' To See The King" from the December 4th broadcast and "Like A King" from the December 5th broadcast.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals

with Morphine, A.J. Croce, Dread Zone, Björk, Suede, Jamiroquai, Grant Lee Buffalo