20 Oct 1997

Paris, France

Le Zenith

Monday, October 20, 1997 at 7:00pm PDT

Burn One Down", "Jah Work", and "By My Side" were all performed with Tyrone Downie, the Wailers' keyboard player. Vincent Segal played the cello on "Power of the Gospel". The Eric Person Trio played on "Mama's Trippin'", "Gold To Me", and "Fight For Your Mind." (Eric Person - alto sax, Kenyatta Beasley - trumpet, Jim Finn - tenor sax)

Ben teased riffs of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" during "Ground On Down."

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


Accompanied By

  • Tyrone Downie
  • Vincent Segal
  • Eric Person Trio