26 Feb 1998

Atlanta, GA

Catspaw Recording Studios

Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 7:00pm PST

Ben taped a "Live X" in front of a small studio audience before a gig later that night. After a false start into "Roses From My Friends", Ben stopped the song and said "I've got to start this over. I'm sorry. Sorry about that you guys with the tape." When he completed, he teased riffs of what would become "The Woman in You." Before "Widow of a Living Man" he said, "I might mess this one up too, but I might not. I haven't played it for a long long time, but I'm going to go for it." The audience chuckled.

"Power Of The Gospel", "Give A Man A Home", and "I Shall Not Walk Alone" were cut from the radio broadcast.

Ben Harper