01 Oct 1999

Paris, France

White Session (France Inter)

Friday, October 1, 1999 at 7:00pm CEST

Full band taping for the radio show "White Session" in Studio 105, which was later broadcast during "C'est Lenoir" on France Inter. The program was preceded by the album cut of "Stolen Car", the first track off Beth Orton's new album "Central Reservation" featuring Ben on slide guitar. Nick Rich provided human beat box on "Steal My Kisses." "Less" and "In The Lord's Arms" were both replayed after false starts. "In The Lord's Arms" was played solo on an electric guitar. Ben apologized for the mistake, explained he used to play this song acoustic, and that had to play it again. The end of "Manic Depression" was cut by the program's host, Bernard Lenoir. The host also talked between the songs. Admission to the show was free. The soundcheck delayed the taping about 45 minutes. The setlist reflects the broadcast, and may be incomplete.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


Accompanied By

  • Nick Rich

"In The Lord's Arms" was released on