01 Mar 2000

Los Angeles, CA

Channel 103.1 Studio C

Wednesday, March 1, 2000 at 7:00pm PST

Continuing on their hot streak, The Innocent Criminals appeared at an independent radio station in Los Angeles at 4pm. After a blistering "Steal My Kisses", the band left and Ben was interviewed. He spoke about the origins of "Steal My Kisses", the artwork on Burn To Shine, and that he didn't include lyrics on the album because he wanted it to be different than the other albums. Briefly he talked about the upcoming tour in Europe for five weeks. Finally, the host asked Ben about his "old-school skateboard collection." Apparently Ben used to hunt them down at swapmeets, but doesn't really do that anymore. The 12 or so boards he's got gather dust in his office. Ben concluded the show with an acoustic "Beloved One."

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals