02 Nov 2000

East Lansing, MI

Wharton Performing Arts Theatre

Thursday, November 2, 2000 at 7:00pm PST

After "Breakin' Down", Ben talked for a while again about politics. He mentioned how it isn't fair that he has a mic to speak his mind, but others do not. Also, he said the more the candidates move their lips, the less they say. Then Ben proclaims, "I'm not radical, I'm rational" after which he questions, "When's the revloution?" He then says that "When it's time to burn, I'm going to be burning stuff." During the solo acoustic encore Ben talked about religion and how it can't be a barrier, but a way to unite. He went on to proclaim that "I'm a God loving atheiest." Finally, before "Faded" he mentioned that they were in "Magic Johnson Country" (Magic's alma matter).

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals