18 Nov 2000

Greensboro, NC

War Memorial Auditorium

Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 7:00pm PST

After "The Will To Live", Ben gave an explanation and demonstration of the slide guitar and slide/guitar key, elementary style.
After "Another Lonely Day" he said, "I've got a question for you. How many of you heard of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals from a video?" (isolated cheers) "OK, how many of you heard of us from the radio?" (lots of cheers) "The first time you heard of us was on the radio?!?" (lots of boos) "How the heck?... Who heard about us from a friend?" (the place goes wild) "Oh, so that's it!" Before "Not Fire Not Ice" Ben remarked, "This song was recorded but didn't make it on a album. Its what they call a b-side." Matt and Warren of Gov't Mule sat in on "Lay Your Burden Down." A professional camera crew shot the show and interviewed fans.

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals